Pip sings I feel Pretty

I feel Pretty, Oh So Pretty!

About Philip Khor

Born in Penang, Malaysia, I spent my growing up years in Brunei Darussalam. At age 13, I got my first Power Macintosh G3 with upgraded Memory to 96 MB enabling me to run Photoshop. Ever since then, I find computers fascinating and spent many good hours exploring technology and what it can do for us. I see myself as someone who can adapt to changes given any situation. I pride my intuitive skills, although it might sometimes get me into trouble for making rash decisions. However, my intuition enables me to delight the people around me as I point out my careful observations and make predictions on what happens next. I have good people skills, as any of my friends can testify. I work with a diverse group of people from all geographical regions - in HSBC (with London, greater Europe, Hong Kong, the rest of Asia) and in Dell (with Bangalore, U.S., Asia). I have many ideas floating in my head, but I just need an avenue to shine and be allowed true freedom to be creative and innovate.
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