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Born in 1986, I spent my early years in Penang before moving to Brunei in 1994. After completing my GCE ‘O’ Levels, I came back to Kuala Lumpur to do my university education. Upon graduation, I worked 3 years in KL and 4 years in Penang. Right now I’m with IHS Markit, Penang. One of my hobby is to play poker. I spend much of my free time studying how professionals play poker (there are plenty of videos on YouTube) and from there try to play my best. If you’re in a poker group in Penang, do contact me, I’d love to join! One thing I dislike is… to wear formal clothing. Long sleeve shirts and slacks don’t feel nice. I love food, yummy Penang hawker food. Also I like drinking coffee.

Tale of two 3.1GHz processors

Today I will share on two different 3.1GHz dual core processors. They were manufactured 9 years apart but shares the same clock frequency. This is to show that megahertz doesn’t mean everything.

I shall be comparing:

comparing 3.1ghz
comparing 3.1ghz


Here are the results



Old PC

3.1GHz dual

No Data available (script failure)

E8500 benchmark
E8500 benchmark


Review done by : Pip

Philip Khor -
Philip Khor –