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Reluctance to fact check

Often times we share “news” and “ideas” that we receive online before fact checking. Why?

  1. It is impossible to ascertain what is “right”. What we can google is usually not right, and our preconceptions are already fixed. Eg. we think drinking cold water for girls is no good for their reproductive system. True? We will never know, because the effort taken to prove something is not our forte.
  2. We have already made up our mind. In finding the truth, we have already decided what is right and change is difficult. Changing our minds would imply that we were wrong. And that is a difficult pill to swallow.
fact check before sharing
fact check before sharing

So, what can we do?

  1. Be more open minded. Secretly nod nod nod when others give opinions! I think a society where we open our hearts and listen to alternative viewpoints is a healthy one. Don’t have to agree, but say “Yes, I understand”. And try to understand why people think differently.
  2. Respect. Most forwarded messages are sent by our elders (people our senior). When in doubt, nod nod nod, acknowledge, and refrain from calling bullshit too early (even if it is). Educate, but if the other party does not want to be educated, nod nod nod.

I think tolerance is important, no matter how cherry-picked the “scientific evidences” and “research shows…” articles may be annoying.

I also think the truth is not worth finding out. Let’s just keep it to personal truths. So if you think the world is flat, or lemons cure cancer, keep it to ourselves. A joke once went like: “knowledge is like underwear, you have it but you don’t show it off”.

nod nod nod is the key to a peaceful, misinformed, tolerant world. WE will never move on when we fight “the facts” because truths, are mostly not “universal truths” but personal truths. WE will never find out the truth with the limited time and resource we have.

Depression and Suicide in Malaysia – what do you need to know?

Depression is not merely a feeling – it is an epidemic. People fall in to depression for various reasons – whether it is their girlfriends leaving them, the loss of a loved one or just financial stress as a result of poor decision making or whatsoever. suicide and mental health eduation – mental health awareness campaign January 2019

I am not here to judge, merely to point out what is going on in Malaysia to raise awareness so that we can help identify a need when we see one. We need to also realise that we are not Psychiatrists or professional help givers. We need to seek help if we need help.

Here goes.

According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), suicide accounts for about a million deaths annually, with the five countries having the highest rates being Guyana, Lithuania, Kazakhstan, Swaziland and Russia, ranging from 32.5 to 25.3 per 100,000 population. By comparison, the rate for Malaysia is 0.6 per 100,000 population.

Depression leading to suicide

Deputy Education Minister said Datuk Chong Sin Woon was at the scene to console the victim’s family.

He noted that there were 71 cases of suicide at the building whereby the victims jumped from the 14th floor.

Why do we need to end the STIGMA of depression?

Of Weakness, Suicide, Depression and God. I find this article really intriguing because yes I can relate. I can testify. I can tell you my story. Just buy me a Starbucks!!!!

There has to be an open conversation:

Here are the Malaysian numbers:

Here’s one which is scary as fuck.

Read more at WOB:

Ouch. That hurts.

Here’s a 3 minute test

Here is a Malaysian University test on Depression (reputable)

MH 370: Yes, it was deliberate suicide

All is not lost:

Ending on a happy note:

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Philip Khor

PENANG, Malaysia 18 Jan 2019

People are just a piece of meat

A wise friend once said
“hardwork is more obtainable results in shorter term and the probability is higher to obtain it “

Here is what i think on what it takes to be successful in your workplace.

(article coming 4 jan)

Here is the promised article: