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People are just a piece of meat

A wise friend once said
“hardwork is more obtainable results in shorter term and the probability is higher to obtain it “

Here is what i think on what it takes to be successful in your workplace.

(article coming 4 jan)

Here is the promised article:

Repetitive tasks

Let’s say you are assigned some repetitive steps to perform, for a total of 750 times. Well, I manage to track my day to day performance by the hour. I wonder if the statistics guru can see a pattern here. Give me your thoughts @philipkhor

November 2018 in Review

Note: To accompany this post, November sounds a lot like this [Spotify link]

2H 2018 saw me changing jobs from IT Helpdesk, to a IT Sales position (briefly) before settling down taking care of the IT telephone directory (Active Directory for those interested). It wasn’t easy, but I’m fortunate to have a supportive dad and good friends!

The biggest challenge for me was deciding what I want, what is available and when to settle and be contented. I think attending Connect Group at Kingdomcity Penang really help provide clarity in troubling, testing times. They start each session with food, then personal sharing, then end with even more food! Come join us for the Christmas festivities.

Over the last few weeks, I was fortunate to travel to Sepang (that 5 star resort by the sea), Sekinchan (paddy fields), Teluk Intan (leaning tower), Alor Setar (hipster cafe at affordable prices), Kota Kuala Muda (Malay prawn noodles with amazing view of Penang from SP), Semeling (Uni student area), Balik Pulau and the other side of Penang island for the Fruit Farm, Akar Lima in Kulim with the warm hospitality and good food,  Penang Sentral (transport hub of mainland Penang) and a few other places.

Looking forward to a festive, meaningful December!


Meg Low
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