Chinese New Year – the Warm Fuzzy Feeling when we gather

I like gatherings. Whether it is an open mic, or a meetup of old friends, I truly enjoy the WFF when we come together to share opinions and points of views with one another.

Today is Reunion Day (the day before the actual Chinese New Year). Families from afar will congregate at the parent’s house, or, the eldest sibling’s house and share a meal together. Since we value convenience, we are doing it at a nearby restaurant in Lunas; one of many that’s offering packages of set course dinners.

This year it will be 4 days of celebrations, as the CNY holidays coincide with the weekend. Good; we get to visit more relatives and friends, and spend more hours in front of the TV and iPad sharing news and #fakenews and other small talk.

To liven things up, my colleagues decided to go karaoke. It was interesting albeit somewhat monotonous as we played through Jay Chow’s Discography. Meh, as long as we are gathering together on Valentine’s Day as colleagues, all is good! I belted a few of my favourites like Owl City and anything with a happy upbeat tune.

The year of the Dog is upon us. I felt last year I was a bit unlucky with things ranging from work, life, and work-life in general. There’s a comic that makes fun of this phenomena. “New year, same shit!”, basically. Somehow, being an optimist by nature makes me feel a change for the better is coming.

2 more paragraphs and I’m done. I used to like writing my thoughts down; penning them and making videos for those who care to hear out. If you haven’t yet seen, click the Youtube link at the  top of the screen to have a look at some of my ramblings.

The world is ballooning. When dad was born in 1944, there were 2 billion. In 1986 there was 5 billion. Today, estimates say we are standing at 7.6 billion people. The world is changing. The faster we adapt to the changes, the better chance we will survive.

Lastly, a good quote I will leave you with: “Do not gloat when your enemy falls; when they stumble, do not let your heart rejoice.” The Germans have a term schadenfreude which means deriving pleasure from someone else’s misfortune. It’s a chemical in our brain that makes us happy when others fall. On that bombshell, this is Pip, dropping the mic.

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