What is an enfp (NE / FI traits)?

philipkhor.com - ENFP
philipkhor.com – ENFP

In 200 words, here is a summary. Philip is a NeFi, Extroverted Intuition (i make guesses extrovertedly) and I internally FEEL shit. Means I’m an emo guy. My good friends are all Si / Te meaning they are internally SENSING and externally THINKING. there are 16-combo btw, and you have major strength (2 choice) and minor strength (2 choice). Still with me? Ok, my strength is of course NeFi and my mature PHILIP KHOR is actually something you will see in my Si / Te traits. That means when I’m mature, you will see the things like… Si (internal sensing) where I “was” not consistent and reliable before, but now I try to overcome these weaknesses in life. And Te (externally Thinking) I don’t think before I act. I am very careless in life. That is true, I don’t deny. Just that now, as I mature (hopefully) I learn to solve problems systematically and make good decisions. My friend keith can’t make decision on where to go for lunch. My friend charles wants Chinese food no matter what. Philip Khor will actually look at the data, think about it, and try to please both his friends (NeFi – externally INTUITIVE guessing and internally FEELING both keith and charles’s emotions). So within 5 seconds, I know where to bring both friends for lunch. Indian food! Hahahhaaha…. I don’t want keith to keep thinking where to eat. I don’t want charles to be a dictator and get his way all the time (Chinese food), so I bring them to Little India. Indian food because…. I am a NeFi with Si / Te friends who react differently to different situations. I love Si / Te because they are all SENSING internally that Philip is a fun person and THINKING externally that Philip is actually a good decision maker. Big companies like Philip because Philip can make big decisions with a balance. Don’t wanna be too logical like charles. Don’t wanna be too indecisive like keith. Small Chinaman companies HATE Philip because the director and manager are all scared that Philip will overpower them and take over their positions (which I will). But somewhere in the middle, that’s what a NeFi is…. NeFi makes good decisions in good timing. I don’t rush to get married, but when I get married, BELIEVE ME BROTHER, it will be to the correct girl, correct time and the best choice.

Having fun with my Si / Te friends in Little India

Having fun with my Si / Te friends in Design Village

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