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Christian Clickbait Website

Summary: the site in question is a scam website and holds very little credibility. Read their articles (and similar ones) with a pinch of salt!

Sounds like a good article. Let’s examine a little further 🙂

Author: M. Thomas (occupation: Blogger with no real “substance” to back her up)

The organization has a big building. So they must be good. Must be very well organized right?

Looks like a Mr Steve is in charge. Who is he? And why is he running this organization churning out “clickbait articles”? What is his motives? And how can he claim to be the founder or a representative of “church leaders dot com”?
Again, a dot com is easy to register and cost only RM100/year no big deal! But to “average Joe” it looks like this article was written by a big name big denomination church leader”!!!!!’

Went to the Colorado business registry: Who is this guy? Wade Crow is part of this organization

Anyway let’s look at the CEO and his background ?

What is Connect 13? Are they a group of mega churches or is their teaching deviant from mainstream Christianity? Which are their member church and what is their attendance numbers?

He never served in church per SE. He is probably a Marketing guy who tries to profit out of the Christian religion. Many have fall for it because of his sensational articles like this one:

5 Signs You’re Part of an Unhealthy Church

By Marielle Thomas

How a click bait works is: to arouse your curiosity and sucker you to click and read the link. With confirmation bias and other biases we look at the article from one angle and discard the 999 other points of views and perspectives. We highlight part of the article we like especially the ones that confirm what we already believe : hence “confirmation bias

CFO is your own sister and VP of digital services also is not a trustable person.

That info can be found publicly online

In conclusion, when seeing an article like this, will you share? I know I won’t! I will read it then I’ll go Facebook and Report Scam, Report Spam and ask Facebook to ban these articles which are known as “click baits”. The advertisements give them USD 1-2 for every unique visitor.

What they say is partially true. But we should think twice, discuss among our brother and sisters and in the end come up with a sensible conclusion. Please, please don’t be a sheep and accept everything we read. Worst yet, we ask our friends to forward even more falsehoods.

Pardon the typo in this article. Written on an iPhone.