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About my Friend Athasha Quinn Wong

Athasha Quinn Wong is a very brave girl. She openly told the whole world her 4-letter Myer-Briggs assessment of her personality type which exposes her traits, strengths and weaknesses potentially hurting her career when employers google her up and look out that she has serious serious shortcomings and weaknesses which are detrimental to any corporation.

Dear Biased Employers and BOSSES.

Here she is, Athasha

Athasha Quinn Wong – Penang, Malaysia

This is Athasha’s real world dilemma as posted on my Facebook page – Legit. One time I was considered an “Adventurer” (ISFJ), and recently I’ve become an “Architect” (INTJ) and I tried google-ing this shit and it still makes no sense ._.

ISFJ means an individual is an Introverted Sensing Feeling Judgemental person. And the dominant forces are ISFJ (She is like Queen Elizabeth II and Beyonce)

Athasha later claimed to be INTJ which means Introverted Intuitive Thinker Judgemental person. And the dominant forces (traits) of a INTJ (Christopher Nolan or Elon Musk)

Yes, it is true that we can either be mis-typed by a survey or questionaire conducted long time ago. Yes it also means that our personalities can shift over time. But Philip is an ENFP 12 years ago, 10 years ago, 5 years ago and 1 year ago. As a matter of fact, if I took a test today I will still be an ENFP (NeFi traits) today. Why? Because I know how to cheat the test to suit the analysis. OK, I have matured so advanced that I can cheat the personality test. I know which answers to tick so that the computer can tell me I am an ENFP. Not because I love cheating the test, but because it is fucking true. I am an ENFP and nothing can change that.

Athasha is supportive, reliable and patient, imaginative and observant, enthusiastic, loyal and hard-working, good practical skills if she is “typed” as an ISFJ

On the flipside (SOMEDAY – good song). ISFJ weaknesses are: Humble and Shy, Takes things too personally, Repress their feelings, overload themselves, reluctant to change, too altruistic (warm person and does not want to burden others by accepting their offers of help while their troubles mount unassisted). Sad.

Athasha is the Protector. She is driven by her personal values and are conscientious in their behavior. She wants to work hard, get along with others and make sure (her friends) do what is expected of them. Athasha value relationships highly and strive to cooperate and maintain harmony with other. Athasha wants stability and longevity in her relationships and tend to maintain a deep deep devotion to family. They feel connected with people they know they can rely upon over the long term.

ISFJ emphasize loyalty, consideration and the common welfare. She is also known as the Nurturer. She takes things in a literal concrete fashion. Athasha’s secondary mode (2nd choice superpowers) is external where she deals with things according to how she feels about them or how they fit into her personal value system. Athasha feels a strong sense of responsibility and duty. They take responsibilites very seriously and be counted on to follow through. ISFJ need positive feedback from other and in the absence of positive feedback or in the face of criticism, ISFJ gets discouraged and may even become depressed.

At a certain point in her life, Athasha is an INTJ. The traits of an INTJ are quick, imaginative and strategic mind, high self confidence, independent and decisive. Hardworking and determined, open-minded, jack of all trades. Her weaknesses are: Arrogant, Judgemental, Overly analytical, loathe highly structured environment (blindly following rules and precedents without understanding them is distateful to Athasha) and clueless in romance.

Athasha being an INTJ is quick, imaginative and strategic. She is very confident and trust their rationalism above all else when coming to a conclusion. Athasha is independent and decisive. Athasha is hard-working and determined and open-minded. She is a JACK of all trades.

If you have been reading all that shit above, you’re wondering to yourself. Philip must be high on drugs. He has repeated qualities of the same trait twice. Many times. He keep ranting on about hardworking, loyal, etc. etc.



WHY THEN does Athasha have overlapping traits and qualities in her PERSONALITY profile as described by Myer-Briggs using Carl Jung’s Psychology work in the 1800s? Why then does this mother in law- daughter combination is able to predict accurately who an individual living in 2019 is? Athasha is unique, she is special but why does this 16-unit combo personality test accurately describe her?





Here’s why. Because it is fucking true and accurate. This prediction made 300 years ago is very accurate about what and who Athasha is.

Athasha is a master mind. She thinks 2 steps ahead of you and probably will pawn you in a blink of an eye. Her chess moves are not only legendary but she can pre-empt and predict your next move even before you are conceived (no, that’s not a grammatical nor syntax error my dear, I really mean that ATHASHA has the super-powers of pre-empting your next move even before you were born).

Impossible? Try her. Try her, test her and experience her wrath, motherfucker.

INFJ vs ISFJ – 4 Ways to Tell the Difference

Ok back to Athasha’s story.

I know Athasha personality – so that means my prediction is not exactly a prediction. However, what this article is is a confirmation of who Athasha is.

Athasha is quick. She is witty and funny. She is very confident and trust rationalism. I hope I can reveal some personal truths of her life here. And if you feel offended or need for PRIVACY, please ping me and I’ll get the below prediction removed:

  1. Athasha is loyal. She hates backstabbers who talk bad behind her. Athasha is good at cursing people too. She’s thinking right now: FUCK YOU, philip khor.
  2. Athasha is open minded. Her beliefs changes all the time based on new evidences. If you can prove to her that the world is indeed flat, then Athasha will likely believe you.
  3. Athasha values hardwork. That means she thinks hardwork is the way to success, contravery to how Philip Khor thinks – that luck is important to success. See the difference now? Read my previous article on why I think luck plays an important role in determining success and buy Athasha Quinn Wong a coffee and ask her why she thinks that HARDWORK is the key to success. We are different. We think differently. But we are neither right or wrong in both cases (although deep down in Philip Khor’s heart I think that I am right – that LUCK is more important than HARDWORK)
  4. Athasha is humble and shy. True
  5. Athasha is the protector of her family. True.
  6. Athasha is imaginative and observant. True.
  7. Athasha is reluctant too change, altruistic. True.
  8. Athasha wants to get along with others. True.
  9. Athasha wants stability and longevity in her relationships. True.
  10. Athasha feels connected with people they know they can rely upon over the long term. True.
  11. Athasha is arrogant, judgemental, over analytical, loathe highly structured environment blindly following rules and precedents without understanding them. True.
  12. Athasha is clueless in romance. True.

I can go on and on all day long and all the qualities are true. You might argue, wait a second. These are all universal truths for just about everyone. And yes, my dear reader you would be correct. You can say the same about PHILIP that Philip values all these 12 qualities and exposes these traits in his behaviour, decision making and life choices. True, I admit that. Then, the above 12 observations have failed. They do not hold true in a laboratory test where you put Athasha in a test tube, and then run experiments to prove the truth about Athasha so that you can understand and analyse how ATHASHA thinks and how she lives her life.

You would be right, except you are wrong.

Those 12 predictions are true only to Athasha in that order and in that fashion. Meaning there is no other Athasha in this world.


Take a ciggy if you need to or go VAPE. But my dear reader, take a 15 minute break and go out to breathe fresh air.

Before I conclude, I would like to submit my two papers (on ENFP and my friend Athasha’s latest analysis) to my Psychology Professor Dr. Luke of Wawasan Open University whom I have dinner with frequently. He is in charge of the MASTERS program of Psychology specialising in early childhood and behavioural theories.

PLEASE DR LUKE. Give me a fucking Masters Degree.

(1450 words – Athasha you owe me coffee weih)

My conclusion is that we need to discuss this further via the comments system in FACEBOOK so please, go to FACEBOOK to continue this conversation.


I have people who doubt PHILIP KHOR’s ability to use and control himself on social media. Please, I think I know how social media works. Just look below. I know the CEO of Yes 4G broadband provider. He drives a Porsche. I see that he is in SHELL petrol station now. And he is posting an instagram.

Cool right?

Ok here’s the fun part, I can get him to like my comment. Mind you, this guy is a legend and he is the CEO of YES 4G of the YTL group. Here goes.

I love you, Wing. Next time we meet in Hong Kong, I will buy you dim sum.

Wing, I’m not playing or manipulating you or manipulating your emotions bro. It’s just that I’m a bit excited to share how to use social media to my readers.

Wing K Lee



What is an enfp (NE / FI traits)?

philipkhor.com - ENFP
philipkhor.com – ENFP

In 200 words, here is a summary. Philip is a NeFi, Extroverted Intuition (i make guesses extrovertedly) and I internally FEEL shit. Means I’m an emo guy. My good friends are all Si / Te meaning they are internally SENSING and externally THINKING. there are 16-combo btw, and you have major strength (2 choice) and minor strength (2 choice). Still with me? Ok, my strength is of course NeFi and my mature PHILIP KHOR is actually something you will see in my Si / Te traits. That means when I’m mature, you will see the things like… Si (internal sensing) where I “was” not consistent and reliable before, but now I try to overcome these weaknesses in life. And Te (externally Thinking) I don’t think before I act. I am very careless in life. That is true, I don’t deny. Just that now, as I mature (hopefully) I learn to solve problems systematically and make good decisions. My friend keith can’t make decision on where to go for lunch. My friend charles wants Chinese food no matter what. Philip Khor will actually look at the data, think about it, and try to please both his friends (NeFi – externally INTUITIVE guessing and internally FEELING both keith and charles’s emotions). So within 5 seconds, I know where to bring both friends for lunch. Indian food! Hahahhaaha…. I don’t want keith to keep thinking where to eat. I don’t want charles to be a dictator and get his way all the time (Chinese food), so I bring them to Little India. Indian food because…. I am a NeFi with Si / Te friends who react differently to different situations. I love Si / Te because they are all SENSING internally that Philip is a fun person and THINKING externally that Philip is actually a good decision maker. Big companies like Philip because Philip can make big decisions with a balance. Don’t wanna be too logical like charles. Don’t wanna be too indecisive like keith. Small Chinaman companies HATE Philip because the director and manager are all scared that Philip will overpower them and take over their positions (which I will). But somewhere in the middle, that’s what a NeFi is…. NeFi makes good decisions in good timing. I don’t rush to get married, but when I get married, BELIEVE ME BROTHER, it will be to the correct girl, correct time and the best choice.

Having fun with my Si / Te friends in Little India

Having fun with my Si / Te friends in Design Village

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