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Philip Khor Kim Haus Penang

26 Mar 2017, Philip Khor @ Kim Haus Penang

1. Introduce blog, Vlog and social media activism
2. Quiz: how many from outside Penang?
3. Quiz: population of the world (more or less than 7.1 billion)
4. It is estimated that 2 billion are earning less than $2 a day – UN definition of Poverty
5. It’s safe to say more than half of you are on the top 20% richest in the world . That is top 1.5 billion out of 7.5 bln if you earn 18,000 early.
6. My message today is, let’s be generous and contented. Contentment is that state of being happy with what we have. Sure, we can have dreams and great ambitions. Once a while we should stop and count our blessings! Spend time and resource with people and less on yourself.
7. We are all blessed to have plenty of food to eat and enough for “emergencies”
8. Spend time and resource in the arts! thank you for coming. Your presence has graced us. Buy Marks book or Rachel’s CD. Tip the tip box, generously!
9. Before you go home: count your blessings. You are so fortunate to be in the position you are in today – safe to say, much better than 85% of the world!
10. Learn more by googling Philip Khor. Thank you.

Oh, there’s a blood donation drive organized by the Penang General hospital next Sunday, April 2 at Island Plaza Tg Tokong. Please support these endeavors!
Text me at +60175914776 or email pip@philipkhor.com

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About Me

Philip Khor
Philip Khor

Philip Khor Hock Khoon. He was born in October 1986 and based here in Penang, Malaysia.

Philip has been using the Internet since the days of Netscape, AltaVista and IRC. Though not as old as people who used Gopher clients or the Arpanet, he has amassed a great deal of digital marketing and social media experience in his stints in advertising and web consulting firms, Dell, Thomson Reuters and HSBC.

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He has an uncanny ability to translate complex business requirements into relevant online and offline campaigns taking into account the ever-changing zeitgeist of the online world. He has consulted, worked on and delivered online strategies, e-commerce sites, social media campaigns and online media buy. In total, about USD 1200 has been spent experimenting different strategies in the online media buying space like Facebook Ads and Google Adwords.

Proven demonstration of strategic marketing planning, online innovation, execution and team management.

During his free time, Philip does video logs random things like Technology, Philosophy or just random ramblings about life and events happening around Penang.

Specialties: Digital Strategy & Marketing – Web & Mobile, Social Media and Content Strategy, Marketing Strategy & Communications, Performance Marketing, Online Advertising, Project Planning & Management and Team Building & Leadership.
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