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Business Plans July 2018

Business Plans

  1. Petrol Station review app

Integrated to Waze or running as a Separate Standalone app.

Taking user’s location, a quick bird’s eye view is presented on the iOS / Android device of nearby petrol kiosks. The quality of the toilets, the average wait time (RED YELLOW GREEN traffic lights) to indicate wait times. Quality of Toilet, Availability of air pressure pumps, ATM machines out of order? Hot food available, Trivia (eg. Winning lottery ticket).

All are user submitted data in a gamification gamified app where points and trophies are awarded for participation.

2. Media company

Focus on Video. I will focus on reviewing and writing up on Pros and Cons of tech gadgets, events and restaurants for the Malaysian audience.

Repackage useful knowledge in to snippets of 1-4 minutes infomercial like videos. Create info graphics to educate and alert the people on how and why and what is important. Monetize useful PDFs, Presentations, quick  how-to guides in PDF / Facebook sharing format.

Sample, the DUCK

3. Web Hosting Company

Provide web hosting and consultancy advice. (ok, this is a 20 year old industry so there are already many established players). The differentiation will be: speed, quality of technical support and friendliness of customer service.

4. Computer repair shop

I guess this is a hobby and there is very little money to be made. But any ideas how I can expand the offering and make a profit at the same time? Wiki quick articles on how to resolve common issues. Whatsapp group to share and educate users. Respond to phone in customers?

I think I’ll lean and focus on creating that media company with Social Media presence. Hit me up on Twitter : @philipkhor