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If dinosaurs didn’t get extinct


The original title of the article was something lame like: “Why we should be thankful for the luck that we have”. I know right, so lame.

But the idea is that, we find all the evidences which suggest that there is no luck involved in everything, right Mr. Aaron Ooi? We had a good conversation with Mr. Alfeo our Indian friend. They are my friends who try to convince me to get married, and settle down over a lunch conversation. I know I can be wrong, dead wrong about a lot of things. I am wrong all the time. And I admit it, I am human too.

Let’s talk dinosaurs.

We know very little about dinosaurs.

If you claim to know a lot about dinosaurs, congratulations. You are the 0.1% of the population. Give me a call now, +6 0175914776.

For the rest of you, I can bullshit you and make up stories about dinosaurs which are half true, unverified, weak evidences and also cannot be reproduced in a laboratory. Ask a scientist and these are the “values” or “requirements” for something to be true. To be verifiable through an experiment, then yes (a claim can) be true.

Ok. Breathe.

I talked a lot about being lucky, having luck at birth, and also why luck plays an important role in life. I like to roll the dice; make a gamble, and be lazy and laidback forgoing any effort to “attempt” or look hardworking. I don’t believe in hardwork at all, honestly. The reason I say I believe in 80% luck in 20% hardwork is that because I don’t wanna seem like a snob, arrogant bastard who feel entitled and so fortunate and so lucky all the time and that ALL THE TIME the world is so lucky and money falls from heaven and all that. You get what I mean.


Seems reckless and unforgivable way to live one’s life, right?

I don’t think so. But that’s not the point of this article. My intention and aim is to prove that hardwork is 100% dependent on yourself, and that you can make your own luck by being hardworking. You can also achieve great things in the office, get promotions, get a high RM 30,000 per month salary and get a good life by being hardworking. Is that the basis we agreed on, Mr. Aaron Ooi?

Anyway, let me go on.

What happened to the dinosaurs?

philipkhor.com - Luck vs Hardwork
philipkhor.com – Luck vs Hardwork

Dinosaurs ruled the world for millions of years. They are vegetarians with short hands. Kinda like your Indian friend, but… just short hands.

philipkhor.com - luck vs hardwork

Dinosaurs ruled the world so long that they became complacent. They didn’t develop technology like NASA space rockets. They just gone around their lives eating vegetable and roam around the earth. Bad choice, Barney. Bad choice.


So, why do people work hard?

There is a long held belief that, if you work hard enough you will succeed. You will gain big in life and in time, you will “climb the corporate ladder” and soar into the stars. You will have that RM 30,000 paycheck, send RM 5,000 per month to your parents. Take your kids to RM 10,000 Iceland holidays. And enjoy RM 600 wagyu steaks at Le Meridien Kuala Lumpur hotel. It’s a good life, I must admit.

But come to reality.

Really. Stop for a while and think it logically.

You think that is the case? Where someone who works hard from 7am to 11pm every single day 7 days a week taking only 1 day off from a 30-day calendar month as an AUDITOR in a big “Big 4” company will be happy and rich and successful because of his hardwork?


Really……. ?

Yes, hardwork is a good value we give our kids. We want them not to slack, not to be complacent like uncle dinosaur 100 million years ago (see, I bullshit you on how long ago dinosaurs existed and YOU believed me)


Hardwork is something noble. It means that if you are hardworking you are respected in the office. Your boss in January 2019 will give you a performance review of 9.5 out of 10 and comment “PHILIP KHOR is a good employee who contributed positively to the company’s development and annual profits. We see him as a valuable asset who is indisposable. We would like to recommend Philip for the position of Senior VP of Marketing at Apple Computer Inc effective 5 March 2019 replacing Phil Schiller, who frankly needs a break and a retirement for his 10 year old Harvard outdated Marketing ideas.



Hardwork is also good because, think about it, who likes a lazy economy? Who like to see a lazy community of people? Communism failed because of free loaders, like in China? Hard workers work hard (duh!) and contributed positively to the society. While that is all hunky dory, some people realised that being lazy is a solution because others have already done the work. GOOD RIGHT?

But of course hardwork has it’s limits. It’s limits and shortfalls are so obvious that it puzzles me why people still believe in HARDWORK. It is just impossible.


Because luck plays an important role in determining your success. Take Philip for example:

#revelations #personal #testimony


I am lucky. Out of 100,000,000 sperms. I am numero UNO. Number 1. I fought hard (hardworking) and penetrated an egg (ovum). I won. I defeated 99,999,999 sperms who we not so fortunate.

I am lucky. I got a college education sponsored by FA-MA scholarship. 90% of Malaysians or 99% of the bigger “world population” does not have college education at all (based on 2017 statistics).

What that means is, either these 99% of the people didn’t have money for a 4-year degree course (at any college) or they have money, but spend it on drugs alcohol and hookers, or they decided to do other things with their money, or they FINISHED college but still have debt – college debt.


I am lucky. I have food on the table. Again with 2017 statistics, about 70% of the 7,000,000,000 people on earth is mal-nourished. That means they don’t have 3 proper meals a day. NOT THAT HERBALIFE BS, but. you know, KFC, Mc Donalds, Roti Canai and basic nourishment.

I am lucky. Because I have life.

I have life therefore I am lucky.

I am lucky because without life, I would be dead. I wouldn’t be on this earth. I am lucky because my position today is contributed by the hardwork of my parents in bringing me up successfully. 94.5% of people have bad / lousy parents. That means if you have 100 friends, 5 friends are brought up “properly”.

Are these 5 kids lucky? Yes, in my humble opinion. They are very lucky.

Why am I lucky? There is no war.

There is no war in Malaysia. We threaten our Stinkapore neighbours who build a Selatar Airport renovation works then threaten JOHOR by saying their aircraft instruments ILS needs some space in Johor and that the international rules is that airspace is internationally controlled by an authority in Switzerland, Geneva then they decided that JOHOR need to give Stinkapore space to land the turbo-prop aircraft and G6 private jets at Selatar and then Johor have to kow-tow and give space in JOHOR so that Stinkapore planes can land properly using guided equipments.

Real man fly manual.

Right Capt. Azman Hanif? Hahhahahha (bad joke)

I am lucky because I have lived 33 years on planet earth in a comfortable environment. Jesus died as a lonely single man at age 34.