Penang, Malaysia

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Chuan Kee Duck Rice, Lunas

When it comes to Lunas duck rice, people often go to Tan Kee. Since rising to fame by defeating its neighbour along the main Lunas road, they have raised their prices and often over-order over-provide us when ordering in groups. Over my 8 years in Lunas, we decided to eat at Chuan Kee instead. The […]

Visiting Ipoh

Hipster cafe – Burps and Giggles (Run by Indulgence Restaurant owner) Ok, my only knowledge of Ipoh is that they’re famous for Chicken – salted herbal chicken, curry chicken with bengali roti. … where girls get cheaper PC Gaming than guys And back then around 2011 was when KTM introduced their ETS train services – […]

Technology Introduction: Scope

Technology Introduction: Scope

My first computer was a 286 that didn’t do anything. It couldn’t even load tetris.exe due to compatability issue (I was missing Windows 3.1?) This section will showcase my technology stories. Among the articles lined up, I will review: A95X TV box Apple TV (4th generation) 1080p resolution >> Call / Whatsapp me for a […]