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Bukit Mertajam Penang

What do we know about Penang?

What do we know about Penang?

Penang was formerly under Kedah territory before becoming a British-ruled state, and it has been separate ever since. It was developed as a trading port and became especially diverse. It was for a time the only Malaysian state with a Chinese majority population.

Aside from the three major ethnic groups of Malays, Chinese, and Indians, it also brought in migrants from other Southeast Asian countries like Siam and Burma. Some families and communities have maintained their traditional trades and crafts to the present day in Georgetown, like the Indian-Muslim songkok makers and the Chinese puppeteers.

The Eurasian community are the descendants of locals who married European colonists. They had their own village of Kampung Serani. The word Serani is from the Arabic Nasrani, originally meaning Nazarene. In Malay it was used for Christians, and Eurasians in particular

My favourite 3 delicacies in Bukit Mertajam are Curry Mee, BM Yam Rice, and Beef Noodles from Sentosa.

The curry noodles are slightly spicy, genuine Chinese-style curry with pork blood and cockle.

BM Yam Rice is a mixed pig organ soup with meatballs and bits of almost every part of a pig.

Beef Noodles (specifically Koay Teow Soup)

There’s an ongoing argument saying that Mainland Penang isn’t really Penang.
It’s a joke! Without the mainland, the island wouldn’t have enough water (from Sg. Muda and Mengkuang Dams)

Penang retains a lot of the colonial-era British architecture, especially in the Georgetown area, to the point where it’s taken for granted by residents. Many of the old buildings have been repurposed, sometimes losing their character in the process. More local architecture is mostly visible in the places of worship, and the Chinese clanhouses. Penang has an abundance of mosques, churches, temples, and shrines, sometimes within walking distance of each other.

Cross-cultural influence is apparent in the Chinese reverence for the datuk keramat, originally a Malay animist practice. The older mosques in Penang are mostly built in the Indian-Muslim style, which blends Persianate and Central Asian mosque architecture.

Portion of article including the background of Penang provided by @uglyluhan (X)

Port Dickson

1344 km trip November 2023

I made a trip from Penang to Bidor (pun chun wanton noodles) to Setiawan to Lumut to Teluk Intan to Port Dickson to Melaka to Klang (bak kut teh) and finally Kuala Lumpur .

Total distance was 1344.8km and RM 163 was spent on fuel so that’s 79.5 litres. So my mileage is 16.9km/litre of 80% highway 20% city driving on my 2017 Perodua Bezza 1.3. Not too shabby yea?

Bidor was fun. We had Pun Chun on the first trip and another roadside stall for the 2nd time. My friend preferred Pun Chun saying the prawn in the wanton was more satisfying.

Went to a lunch at Yan Bin Ge Restaurant, Setiawan. The curry prawns was good. Gu Lou Yoke was nice too.

Lumut is the town where you take a ferry to Pangkor. There are hourly boats to Pangkor and there were not many people when we were there.

Boat ride was RM12, but we had other plans to visit the south.

There’s a leaning tower at Teluk Intan

Also went to Port Dickson and Melaka. PD was quiet as it was a weekday. Most tourist come on weekends only. At Melaka, we had a few recommendations (new vlog and blogpost coming next week 10 Nov) on recommendations by friends for food.

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Avoid Jonker Street and avoid Chicken Rice Balls. It’s a trap! Follow me next week for I will write down a list of places recommended in Melaka.

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Pip breaks walking record

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Today I broke the 1 hour mark of my 4.4 km walk. Mind you, there’s traffic and motorists, so I have to yield. Today was a clear day, fewer people on the street, and my mind set to break this record. So glad I did.

For reference, last month I was doing 1 h 6 min averages. I did 13 walks in September, and now I plan to break the number of walks as well.

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Flipper, Vasectomy and Codependency

Let’s begin by not googling and blurting out whatever I know about these three topics:

  1. Flipper is an RFID programmable device that can detect radio frequencies used to unlock cars, gain access through security systems, and much more. According to my friend (let’s call her, Big P), this Flipper device costs RM 800 but it’s an investment worth making for someone like me.
  2. Vasectomy is when a guy cuts off the tubes that connect his balls containing sperm from flowing to his sexual partner during ejaculation. It’s a method of birth control.
  3. Codependency is when a guy relies on a rich girl’s wealth to fund his hobbies (eg. golfing, writing) or the other way round where a guy funds a girl’s spending habits (eg. shopping, hairdo, etc)

Phew, now let’s do some research to find out what they are really talking about.

  1. Flipper – you wait at the parking lot for your victim. You turn on the sniffer (Flipper Zero). Your victim unlocks the car. The signal to unlock has been detected and saved. Now you have access to the car. Sounds dangerous? Well, yeah, of course it is. Hackers are now able to clone access cards, RFID systems, and other security access cards that use radio frequencies for their own use. Link to – here you can find out more. My buddy Big P told me I could use such a device to learn and explore. I have my doubts about whether it is legal to own in Malaysia since importing radio frequency devices needs SIRIM (regulatory body) to approve before we can get it. I tried importing a Wi-Fi Pineapple (a router with 2 radios for hacking purposes) and the U.S. government blocked its export from the US. Some devices need certain permits, like HAM radio where you can use walkie-talkie-like devices to communicate, even to the Space Station 200km above us.
  2. Vasectomy – Big P told me I could consider Vasectomy if I don’t want to impregnate girls. Good idea, except it is irreversible. Maybe I strike the lottery 10 years down the line and would like to continue my bloodline. Then I would regret cutting off the tubes. Vasectomy is nearly 100 percent effective in preventing pregnancy. Vasectomy is an outpatient surgery with a low risk of complications or side effects. Win-win right? Well, maybe not. I like to keep my options open as I know my tendencies are to make rash, impulsive, wild decisions at the spur of the moment. Blame it on the ENFP traits!
  3. Codependencies – it’s 1:00 am and I found this: A codependent relationship can look like love, but it isn’t. Love is predicated on choice, the choice to support and care for another. If you are dependent on another person for your emotional security and welfare, then the relationship is no longer based on love. Instead, it is based on need. In a codependent relationship, one partner provides the money to support a habit, denies / avoids conflicts at all costs, and feels responsible for your partner’s thoughts, feelings, and actions, saying “yes” to your loved one when you want to say “no”. Sounds like a bad romance to me. But people still do it; they still engage in such practices.

My concluding thoughts on these 3 topics:

About 10 years ago, Knoppix STD was the best bootable Linux CD you can find to hack machines and Wifi passwords. Now, it is left untouched and not updated. It’s sad, really… such a useful tool for security professionals. There used to be a hacker series called HAK.5 with Darren Kitchen. That was what aroused my curiosity on the subject of infiltration and social engineering.

Now, chopping off the tubes on a man’s balls is a big decision. An ovulating woman will get pregnant if a condom leaks or breaks. Just look around our society, where babies are left in orphanages or worse still, dumped into the rubbish bin or flushed at toilets. The best way to prevent pregnancy is abstinence. No sex before marriage. And after marriage, well… at least your kids will be taken care of. Modern-day society tends to be disinterested in a traditional marriage. That’s why there are alternative couples (guy-guy, girl-girl, non-binary, transgender) that some speculate will mean the end of the human race as we decide not to repopulate the world. I think at 8 billion people, the world is too crowded. And we might need to be careful of too many humans in this scarce resource world where our crops and livestock are failing due to climate change.

Codependency, if I understand it correctly doesn’t mean stay-at-home mothers are guilty. I think the extreme where a tendency to apologize or take on blame in order to keep the peace, a pattern of avoiding conflict, a tendency to minimize or ignore your own desires, and excessive concern about a loved one’s habits or behaviors. On a similar note, I feel, that if a woman is able to provide, the man shouldn’t be too ashamed of being the stay-at-home father. I think a dependent relationship is one that lasts. I can see from experience that if one partner is reliant on the other, the relationship will last longer. But if both man and wife are adventurous and capable of their own accord, relationships tend to break down. In summary, I’m all for a one-sided reliant relationship – whether some might find it toxic or not.

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[WIP] Burning Crops

Your crops are dying
As the world is heating
Sun in my eyes
As the sea levels rise
Hope is all shaken
Rice field are all barren
What can I do?
All I have here is you

I long for the days of plenty crops
I yearn for the times in our hang out spots
This suffering is gonna be just the beginning
As the weather fucks up; thunder and lightning
Blaming polluters ain’t solving the problem
Blaming the greedy ain’t stopping them from hoggin’
We’re all little pigs with the straw houses as shelter
Look out, it’s the climate change’s here to destroy you!

kingdomcity penang

21 day Prayer & Fasting 2023

I decided to fast a meal (skip dinner) and drink water only during that fasting time. – join us for the next 21 days at 8:00am (MYT) for a 15 min prayer on Instagram.

Day 21: 24 Sept 2023

“And when they had prayed, the place where they had gathered together was shaken, and they were filled with the Holy Spirit and began to speak the word of God with boldness.” – Acts 4:31 (NASB)

Prayer points:

  1. Pray for a fresh outpouring of the Holy Spirit upon every person, with accompanying signs and wonders in Jesus’ Name. New wine and renewed wineskins.
  2. Pray and ask the Father to re-ignite the gifts of the Holy Spirit in our lives and our church, so that we will be activated to bring the reality of Christ to our world.
  3. Pray for a fresh outpouring of the Holy Spirit for the advancement of God’s Kingdom.

Day 20: 23 Sept 2023

“Drip down, heavens, from above, and let the clouds pour down righteousness; let the earth open up and salvation bear fruit, and righteousness sprout with it. I, the Lord, have created it.” – Isaiah 45.8 (NASB)

Prayer points:

  1. Pray for God’s superabundant favour to open seemingly impossible doors of blessings, healings, provision, and influence.
  2. Pray for divine appointments and divine connections.
  3. Pray for open doors that no man can shut.
  4. Pray for discernment to allow the removal of any hindrances and blockages to experience God’s blessings and favour.
  5. Pray against delay and hindrances from the enemy. The Lord will expose the assignments and assault of the enemy towards our resources, inheritance, and blessings.

Day 19: 22 Sept 2023

“And God has appointed in the church, first apostles, second prophets, third teachers, then miracles, then gifts of healings, helps, administrations, and various kinds of tongues.” – 1 Corinthians 12:28 (NASB)

Prayer points:

  1. Pray for a release of God’s increasing grace, wisdom, and anointing over Ps Mark, Ps Jemima, the executive leadership, and the teams.
  2. Pray for every speaker to be anointed, empowered, and aligned to the purposes of God for Kingdomcity; that the apostolic anointing upon them will awaken destinies, purposes, and sleeping giants.
  3. Pray for clarity and alignment of mission, programs, and initiatives in all campuses to the Lord’s plans and favour.
  4. Pray for sharp discernment and strategic positioning to lead our church into the next season of revival and take territories for Jesus.
  5. Pray for the pushing back of darkness and the release of the people to walk into His light as His Kingdom advances in our worlds.

Day 18: 21 Sept 2023

“Blessed is the Lord God of Israel, for He has visited and redeemed His people”

“… the Dayspring from on high has visited us.” – Luke 1:68 & 78 (NKJV)

Prayer points:

  1. Pray for divine visitations from the Lord that will draw the unsaved to Jesus.
  2. Pray for divine visitations that will convict lives of addictions, mindsets, and atrophy, and inspire us to be transformed into the image of Jesus.
  3. Pray for divine visitation that will mark lives for their God-given destinies and purposes in Jesus and that they will say YES to the call of God.
  4. Pray for divine visitations that will restore our first love for Jesus; for idols in our hearts to be removed.
  5. Pray for divine visitations that will awaken the boldness and courage to obey the Lord and His call.
  6. Pray for divine visitations that will add logs to the fire that the Holy Spirit has ignited. Joy and passion to love and serve Him.

Day 17: 20 Sept 2023

“And so we have the prophetic word made more sure, to which you do well to pay attention as to a lamp shining a dark place, until the day dawns and the morning star arises in your hearts.” – 2 Peter 1:19 (NASB)

Prayer points:

  1. Today, as we pray, we also decree and declare that at LA23, there will be a powerful prophetic release of God’s Rhema Word, activating heaven’s purposes here on earth for us, our families, our church, and our nations.
  2. Pray that every ear will be fully attuned to hear the voice and Word of God.
  3. Pray that all LA23 speakers will receive fresh anointing to deliver the Word of God with a prophetic edge to shift and awaken hearts.
  4. Pray that the soil of every heart will be good ground – ready to receive the planting of God’s prophetic Word.
  5. Pray for the supernatural fulfilment of past prophecies over our church.

Day 16: 19 Sept 2023

“And God confirmed the message by giving signs and wonders and various miracles and gifts of the Holy Spirit whenever He chose.” – Hebrews 2:4 (NLT)

Prayer points:

  1. Pray for supernatural miracles of healing – physical, emotional, and mental. Healings from terminal, autoimmune, and heart diseases, etc
  2. Pray against mental depression, self-harm, and suicidal tendencies.
  3. Pray for miracles of restoration of marriages and relationships between parents and children.
  4. Pray for supernatural provision of jobs and finance.
  5. Pray for miracles of salvation.
  6. Pray for deliverance, for the captives to be set free in the Name of Jesus

Day 15: 18 Sept 2023

“How good and pleasant it is when God’s people live together in unity!”

“It is as if the dew of Hermon were falling on Mount Zion. For there the Lord bestows His blessing, even life forevermore”. – Psalms 133:1 & 3 (NIV)

Prayer points:

  1. Pray for unity across all our campuses in Kingdomcity.
  2. Pray against division, strive, pride, and self-agendas in our teams in Kingdomcity.
  3. Pray that churches in our land will unite for the extension of God’s Kingdom.
  4. Pray for unity in the body of Christ across the world.
  5. Pray that families and marriages will guard the unity, so they will not stop the blessing of God from flowing.
  6. Pray for unity in our teams as they come together to serve in LA23

Day 14: 17 Sept 2023

“He makes the whole body fit together perfectly. As each part does its own special work, it helps the other parts grow, so that the whole body is healthy and growing and full of love.” – Ephesians 4:16 (NLV)

Prayer points:

  1. Pray for supernatural protection over every equipment, technology, and logistics covering LA23.
  2. Pray against every assignment and assault of the enemy against our equipment, technology, and logistics; declaring that the enemy’s strategies to cause difficulties and delays will be thwarted, and everything will flow smoothly.
  3. Pray that all who serve in these areas will receive supernatural wisdom, grace, and joy, and that they will serve with the spirit of excellence.

Day 13: 16 Sept 2023

“It will come about after this that I will pour out My Spirit on all mankind; and your sons and your daughters will prophesy, you old men will have dreams, your young men will see visions.” – Joel 2:28 (NKJV)

Prayer points:

  1. Pray for a fresh outpouring of the Holy Spirit upon our youths, that will set their hearts on fire for Jesus.
  2. Pray that revival will break out among them as the Holy Spirit moves upon them as a consuming fire, breaking down false beliefs and strongholds in their lives.
  3. Pray our youths will rise up and be examples in their faith, their love, their conduct, and purity.
  4. Pray that our youths will have life-changing encounters that will awaken their God-given destinies and purposes

Day 12: 15 Sept 2023

“Jesus said, ‘Let the little children come to me and do not hinder them, for to such belongs the kingdom of heaven.” – Matthew 19:14 (ESV)

Prayer points:

  1. Pray that there will be a mighty move of God in the Kids’ services.
  2. Pray that the children will experience angelic visitations and have life-changing encounters with Jesus.
  3. Pray for protection and covering for the kids’ team and no weapons formed against them will prosper in Jesus’ name.
  4. Pray for more Kid’s carriers and volunteers to serve in Kid’s ministry during LA23.
  5. Pray that there will be peace and joy in the room. We come against the spirit of chaos and distraction among the children. We pray that the kids will not be disruptive or distracted but they will be drawn to the presence of God and the Word of God.
  6. Pray for salvations, Holy Spirit baptism and miracles.

Day 11: 14 Sept 2023

“Come worship the Lord God wearing the splendor of holiness. let everyone wait in wonder as they tremble in awe before Him” – Psalms 96:9 (TPT)

Prayer points:

  1. Pray for Holy Spirit’s anointing upon the Worship Team, as they come together with one heart and mind to usher in the presence of the Lord.
  2. Pray for unity among the worship team, as they lead the people to worship in Spirit and in truth
  3. Pray for protective covering over the worship team so that any strategy of the enemy to bring sickness or disunity will be bound and rendered ineffective.
  4. Pray for prophetic unction as the worship team leads each session and for a cutting-edge sensitivity to the Holy Spirit.
  5. Pray against distraction and spectatorship and for uninhibited freedom to worship our King of kings.
  6. We pray for a fervent atmosphere of worship and a hunger for God above all.

Day 10: 13 Sept 2023

“This is what we speak, not in words taught us by human wisdom but in words taught by the Spirit, explaining spiritual realities with Spirit-taught words” – 1 Corinthians 2:13 (NIV)

Prayer points for Day 10 – Conference Speakers

  1. Pray for the powerful anointing of the Holy Spirit on every Conference Speaker, as they preach the word that God has laid on their hearts.
  2. Pray that each speaker will be sensitive to hear and respond to the leading of the Holy Spirit as they preach and give the altar call.
  3. Pray for God’s canopy of protection over every speaker and their family members.
  4. Pray for salvations, that lives will be transformed, and signs and miracles will follow the preaching of the Word.

Day 9: 12 Sept 2023

“And my God will liberally supply (fill until full) your every need according to His riches in glory in Christ Jesus.” – Philippians 4:19 (AMP)

  1. Pray that God, out of his unlimited riches, will give Kingdomcity the resources that are needed to keep building His Kingdom.
  2. Pray for wise stewardship of the resources that God supplies.
  3. Praise Jehovah Jireh, God our Provider, that He will continue to pour down an endless supply of resources.
  4. Pray for an unlimited supply of human resources – more Carriers in every department, and in all our campuses across the world

Day 8: 11 Sept 2023

“Yes, God is more than ready to overwhelm you with every form of grace, so that you will have more than enough of everything – every moment and in every way. he will make you overflow with abundance in every good thing you do.” – 2 Corinthians 9:8 (TPT)

Prayer points:

  1. Pray for God’s anointing, grace, favour and protection on all who are serving in LA23 – our Senior Leaders, Pastors, Guest Speakers, staff team, and Carriers.
  2. Pray for safe travels for our Global Team and Carriers as they travel to KL. Praying against flight delays and logistic complications.
  3. Pray against disunity, confusion, sickness, and distractions.
  4. Pray for joy that strengthens our team as they serve.

Day 7: 10 Sept 2023

“And now you celebrate your freedom from your former master – sin. You’ve left its bondage, and now God’s perfect righteousness holds power over you as His loving servants.” – Romans 6:18 (TPT)

Prayer points:

  1. We declare that there will be freedom to worship the Lord during LA23.
  2. We pray that everyone in the room will experience breakthroughs and freedom over addictions, generational curses, and oppressions of the enemy.
  3. We declare that lives will be delivered, bondages will be broken, and the captives will be set free in Jesus’ Name.
  4. We pray that there will be breakthroughs from condemnation, guilt, fear, rejection, and offence.

Day 6: 9 Sept 2023

“He told them, ‘It was because of your lack of faith. I promose you. If you have the faith inside of you no bigger than the size of a small mustard seed, you can say to this mountain, “Move away from here and go over there,” and you will see it move! There is nothing you couldn’t do” – Matthew 17:20 (TPT)

Prayer points:

  1. Let’s pray for mountain-moving faith to believe in God for the impossible.
  2. Let’s pray for faith to see miracles, faith for an unprecedented move of God, faith for divine visitation, and an outpouring of the Holy Spirit at LA23.
  3. Pray against doubt, unbelief, religious spirits, and fear.
  4. Pray that we will turn our eyes to Jesus, the Author and Finisher of our faith.
  5. Pray that faith will arise following the preaching of God’s Word.

Day 5: 8 Sept 2023

“But the plans of the LORD stand firm forever, the purposes of His heart through all generations.” – Psalms 33:11 (NIV)

Prayer points:

  1. Pray that there will be an awakening of God’s purpose in every heart and an alignment of our purposes in life with God’s plans.
  2. Pray for courage and boldness to obey the Lord. Pray for faith to walk out of our safe and comfort zone, into the faith zone.
  3. Pray against the spirit of fear, slumber, apathy, and complacency.
  4. Pray against every device and the scheme of the enemy to kill, steal, and destroy destinies and purposes in God’s people.

Day 4: 7 Sept 2023

“Break open Your Word within me until revelation-light shines out! Those with open hearts are given insight into Your plans” – Psalms 119:130 (TPT)

Prayer points:

  1. Today, we are believing that everyone attending LA23 and their families will receive a fresh revelation of the Lord that will take them to another level in their walk with Him.
  2. Declaring an overflow of God-inspired revelations, strategies, and directions for this next season for our church.
  3. Declaring for eyes and ears of faith to see and hear His voice and direction.
  4. Pray for Holy spirit-inspired revelation in the reading of His Word.
  5. Pray for a heart of obedience to steward every revelation.

Day 3: 6 Sept 2023

“… that He would grant you according to the riches of His glory, to be strengthened with might through His Spirit in the inner man…” – Ephesians 3:16 (NKJV)

Prayer points:

  1. Pray that God’s people will be intentional to grow the culture of praying in tongues in their daily life.
  2. Pray for a hunger and thirst for the Word of God and for the presence of the Lord.
  3. Pray against laziness, slothfulness, atrophy, and the lack of passion to invest in our spirit man.
  4. Pray against every distraction and temptation of the enemy to draw us away from investing into our spirit man

Day 2: 5 Sept 2023

“How He satisfies the souls of thirsty ones and fills the hungry with goodness!” – Psalms 107:9 (TPT)

Prayer points:

  1. Let’s pray and believe today for an awakening of greater hunger and thirst for the Lord and for His presence.
  2. We pray that as the people draw close to God, they will experience Him drawing close to them
  3. Pray that every heart will pursue Jesus and return to their first love for Him; that all idols of the heart will be exposed and uprooted as lives encounter Jesus.

Day 1: 4 Sept 2023

|Keep creating in me a clean heart. Fill me with pure thoughts and holy desires, ready to please You” – Psalms 51:10 (TPT)

Prayer points:

  1. Let’s pray for our hearts to be postured right before the Lord. Pray for a heart of total surrender to the Lordship of Jesus.
  2. Let’s pray that every heart will humble themselves, turn from their wicked ways, and repent from any known or unknown sins.
  3. Pray that the Holy Spirit will reveal and expose all addictions, idols, and mindsets that do not glorify God.
  4. Pray that the Holy Spirit will remove every ungodly thoughts and He will replace it with pure thoughts and desires.
  5. Pray for the restoration of a right spirit in every heart.

Penang Hill 2023

Here are pictures from the past, slightly or moderately related to Penang Hill.

Christmas 2010 – Asia Cafe was popular in SS15 Subang, so they brought the brand to Penang. Today, it is gone.

This is not Penang hill, but Mengkuang Dam in February 2012. There’s a fishing spot at the end of the trail

I was one of the earliest bloggers given a Yes 4G portable router to test back in 2012. There I met many bloggers in a social gathering setup.

Taking pictures of the monkeys at Penang Hill in March 2014 with an iPhone 5S

David Brown Sky Terrace 2014

We went with Janice

It’s a different atmosphere at night

With friends from Thomson Reuters in Nov 2015

That’s me in 2015, so much fitter.

Busker in December 2018
Clown in December 2018
Dad admiring the city lights from Bellevue Hotel during sunset (the sunrise is amazing)

Not sure if this still exists

July 2019 – See the love locks? They had to remove it ala Paris due to the sheer weight of the padlocks

Did a Speedtest video in 2019 with Jac, Royai and Khe Yhin

Went to the Canopy walk in July 2022

Watching NBA highlights up the 800 metres above Penang in April 2023

That’s it. Thanks for viewing my post.

Pippintosh EP – Interlude of My Heart

(work in progress: 11 May 2023) Interlude of my heart

Song 1 – Dental Hygiene

I can see no better way

To leave this place or stay

Thinking of just the other day

I need to fix my tooth decay

Walking to the dentist hall

Feeling just a wee bit small

I fear the sound of rumbling drills

See me running to that Penang hill


The drill turns on, it goes


Water gushing, it goes

ON and ON and ON

I’m shouting now in pain

My head cannot brain

Why I neglect my dental hygiene

Verse 2

The dentist wanna keep me aligned

With something called Invisa-Align!

I peered out at her beautiful garden

As the fillings they start to become hardenned

“No hard feelings” she said

Not like some girls who tend to mislead

Cook some porridge and Bovril

Racing down to BM’s foothill

Song 2 – Hey you!

Hey you, 

Your smile look just so bright today

The sweetness causes tooth decay

I wish that you are here to stay

I’ll hold the clouds so you could play

Hold me close, I’ll bring you up a hill

I promise you it is a thrill

Worry not we’ve got time to kill

Save your tummy for that one big meal


Play me a song

Sing me a tune

It won’t take long (interlude)

Your smile makes my day!

Buy me a beer

I’ll guide you through your day

Cutie my dear (interlude)

Let’s make it to the end.

Verse 2

Hey you,

There’s a sparkling twinkle in your eyes

Your gaze freezes me to a deep surprise

Like a fox you are so sly

I want to be in your embrace

Evertime you fix your nails and hair

If you’re happy, I’ll just be there

Picking a dress and sexy underwear

Hold my hand, I’ll take you there!


Please forgive me for I try

No excuse to make me cry

Think of me, my cutie pie

Come with me, don’t ask me why

Song 3 – Love ‘em while you can

As the new dawn breaks

7 am, oh my head aches

Daddy’s already awake

Making me coffee and my bread

Driving miles and miles for seafood

Doesn’t matter as long it’s good

It matters not where we are heading to

Just as long as I’m with you


And they say,

Love ‘em while you can

Please don’t make up other plans.

Dad’s your comfort and your strength

Love him deeper while you can.

Friends may come and they will go

There’s no certainty with our bros

Tell you daddy, I’ll be at your side

I cannot promise, I’ll find my bride


When the day he leaves this earth

We will miss out what he’s worth

Loving friendship, we all crave

Oh my god, I gotta be brave

Song 4 – This Organism

Here’s my body – it’s big and round

No comparing, I just can’t look around

Beautiful women, Buffy men

No escaping, I comprehend

God made me a healthy man

Not perfect but while I can

I will fit in HIS perfect plans

(dialogue) Beautiful woman, you want me? Surely, Can!


Come let’s dance for a little while

Just like particles in the sand

Being whole, it makes me smile

Like a kid in no man’s land

I am living in a dream

Against all the odds I was created

Together as a team

My cell they remain, undivided


The doctor said today

This body just needs some pills

Not as bad as a tooth decay

Your eating habit is overkill

Running jogging you must do

So your brain don’t go cuckoo

Don’t overthink, just move along

Idle mind is a devil’s playground

And round and round around and ground and round and round (interlude)

Bonus Song 5 – Racing thoughts

I swipe my card, hard

I spend my cash, in a flash

Emergency savings? I have none

In an accident, DNR!

I put my hands up

My live is lived so recklessly

Why is the hold up?

I wanna move forward, onward, march!

(Soldier marching interlude)


Friends they think that I am mad

Plan to live til I’m only fifty.

They keep saying that life’s a gem

So exclusive it bothers them

We are fighting our battles

Not as easy as chasing cattles

Social structure we dismantle

You have access to my Control Panel

Verse 2

Look around, population boom

30 million in our motherland

Our resource, it’s getting slim

No more chance to be making babies

Look I’m not here pushing doom

Most solutions are in our hand

Fighting hard we go to gym

Don’t give up, don’t be crybabies!

Apple processor vs midrange i7

Geekbench scores iPhone 13 Pro against midrange Dell

iPhone 13 Pro

Multicore: 4766

MacBook Air M2

Multicore: 8959

i7-12700H RM7k Dell laptop

Multicore: 9434

(When on battery): 4112

Take numbers with pinch of salt. Source: Geekbench

What this means is that under normal battery usage, the Windows laptop performs worse than a mobile phone. It is usable, but the experience can get laggy. After paying more for an OLED, your battery life is 10 hours according to Dell. Apple claims 18 hours of movie playback on their M2 Macbook Air.

Price? Apple RM6,699 Dell i7 RM 7,649

Source: XPS 15 Laptop – XPS 15 (9520) – hnx95200001my

Apple –

Power consumption of the chip – Intel i7 115W (plugged in) / 45W (on battery)

Macbook Air M2 – 20W

Video statistics

Video performance on various social media platforms

I went on a content creation mania over the last 3 days and here is my conclusion. I posted different videos and content on different platforms based on their length, but generally, you can find all the ones mentioned here on my TikTok account.

A. Ways to Contact Pip – 127 TikTok views

Lesson: Static images don’t make a good video

B. Cooking instant noodles – 43 Facebook views, 268 Instagram reel views, 5600 TikTok views, 62 YouTube views

Lesson: People like Indomie

C. Vlog at Coffee Bean – 37 Facebook views, 139 TikTok views

Lesson: Background noise is distracting

D. Confession of a Christian – 371 Instagram reel views, 2616 TikTok views, 14 YouTube views

Lesson: Reading from a script is good

E. Blood Pressure at Hospital – 127 TikTok views, 162 YouTube short views

Lesson: Covered face is no good for views

F. Bullet Train China – 131 TikTok views, 91 Youtube shorts views

Lesson: Static background made algorithm sad 🙁

G. Problem at TnG lane – 441 TikTok views

Lesson: (inside joke) Audience is not clear on what’s going on

H. The Ziggy 5 min podcast – 62 Facebook views, 629 TikTok views, 17 Youtube views

Lesson: Poor audio killed it despite good content

I. Hew Soon heart talk – 162 Instagram views, 2594 Facebook views, 23 YouTube views

Lesson: Poor video but good content

Raw Data

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