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Flipper, Vasectomy and Codependency

Let’s begin by not googling and blurting out whatever I know about these three topics:

  1. Flipper is an RFID programmable device that can detect radio frequencies used to unlock cars, gain access through security systems, and much more. According to my friend (let’s call her, Big P), this Flipper device costs RM 800 but it’s an investment worth making for someone like me.
  2. Vasectomy is when a guy cuts off the tubes that connect his balls containing sperm from flowing to his sexual partner during ejaculation. It’s a method of birth control.
  3. Codependency is when a guy relies on a rich girl’s wealth to fund his hobbies (eg. golfing, writing) or the other way round where a guy funds a girl’s spending habits (eg. shopping, hairdo, etc)

Phew, now let’s do some research to find out what they are really talking about.

  1. Flipper – you wait at the parking lot for your victim. You turn on the sniffer (Flipper Zero). Your victim unlocks the car. The signal to unlock has been detected and saved. Now you have access to the car. Sounds dangerous? Well, yeah, of course it is. Hackers are now able to clone access cards, RFID systems, and other security access cards that use radio frequencies for their own use. Link to – here you can find out more. My buddy Big P told me I could use such a device to learn and explore. I have my doubts about whether it is legal to own in Malaysia since importing radio frequency devices needs SIRIM (regulatory body) to approve before we can get it. I tried importing a Wi-Fi Pineapple (a router with 2 radios for hacking purposes) and the U.S. government blocked its export from the US. Some devices need certain permits, like HAM radio where you can use walkie-talkie-like devices to communicate, even to the Space Station 200km above us.
  2. Vasectomy – Big P told me I could consider Vasectomy if I don’t want to impregnate girls. Good idea, except it is irreversible. Maybe I strike the lottery 10 years down the line and would like to continue my bloodline. Then I would regret cutting off the tubes. Vasectomy is nearly 100 percent effective in preventing pregnancy. Vasectomy is an outpatient surgery with a low risk of complications or side effects. Win-win right? Well, maybe not. I like to keep my options open as I know my tendencies are to make rash, impulsive, wild decisions at the spur of the moment. Blame it on the ENFP traits!
  3. Codependencies – it’s 1:00 am and I found this: A codependent relationship can look like love, but it isn’t. Love is predicated on choice, the choice to support and care for another. If you are dependent on another person for your emotional security and welfare, then the relationship is no longer based on love. Instead, it is based on need. In a codependent relationship, one partner provides the money to support a habit, denies / avoids conflicts at all costs, and feels responsible for your partner’s thoughts, feelings, and actions, saying “yes” to your loved one when you want to say “no”. Sounds like a bad romance to me. But people still do it; they still engage in such practices.

My concluding thoughts on these 3 topics:

About 10 years ago, Knoppix STD was the best bootable Linux CD you can find to hack machines and Wifi passwords. Now, it is left untouched and not updated. It’s sad, really… such a useful tool for security professionals. There used to be a hacker series called HAK.5 with Darren Kitchen. That was what aroused my curiosity on the subject of infiltration and social engineering.

Now, chopping off the tubes on a man’s balls is a big decision. An ovulating woman will get pregnant if a condom leaks or breaks. Just look around our society, where babies are left in orphanages or worse still, dumped into the rubbish bin or flushed at toilets. The best way to prevent pregnancy is abstinence. No sex before marriage. And after marriage, well… at least your kids will be taken care of. Modern-day society tends to be disinterested in a traditional marriage. That’s why there are alternative couples (guy-guy, girl-girl, non-binary, transgender) that some speculate will mean the end of the human race as we decide not to repopulate the world. I think at 8 billion people, the world is too crowded. And we might need to be careful of too many humans in this scarce resource world where our crops and livestock are failing due to climate change.

Codependency, if I understand it correctly doesn’t mean stay-at-home mothers are guilty. I think the extreme where a tendency to apologize or take on blame in order to keep the peace, a pattern of avoiding conflict, a tendency to minimize or ignore your own desires, and excessive concern about a loved one’s habits or behaviors. On a similar note, I feel, that if a woman is able to provide, the man shouldn’t be too ashamed of being the stay-at-home father. I think a dependent relationship is one that lasts. I can see from experience that if one partner is reliant on the other, the relationship will last longer. But if both man and wife are adventurous and capable of their own accord, relationships tend to break down. In summary, I’m all for a one-sided reliant relationship – whether some might find it toxic or not.

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