Port Dickson

1344 km trip November 2023

I made a trip from Penang to Bidor (pun chun wanton noodles) to Setiawan to Lumut to Teluk Intan to Port Dickson to Melaka to Klang (bak kut teh) and finally Kuala Lumpur .

Total distance was 1344.8km and RM 163 was spent on fuel so that’s 79.5 litres. So my mileage is 16.9km/litre of 80% highway 20% city driving on my 2017 Perodua Bezza 1.3. Not too shabby yea?

Bidor was fun. We had Pun Chun on the first trip and another roadside stall for the 2nd time. My friend preferred Pun Chun saying the prawn in the wanton was more satisfying.

Went to a lunch at Yan Bin Ge Restaurant, Setiawan. The curry prawns was good. Gu Lou Yoke was nice too.

Lumut is the town where you take a ferry to Pangkor. There are hourly boats to Pangkor and there were not many people when we were there.

Boat ride was RM12, but we had other plans to visit the south.

There’s a leaning tower at Teluk Intan

Also went to Port Dickson and Melaka. PD was quiet as it was a weekday. Most tourist come on weekends only. At Melaka, we had a few recommendations (new vlog and blogpost coming next week 10 Nov) on recommendations by friends for food.

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Avoid Jonker Street and avoid Chicken Rice Balls. It’s a trap! Follow me next week for I will write down a list of places recommended in Melaka.

Thanks for viewing.