Penang, Malaysia

看人 – Kua Lang (Hokkien)

An elderly respected uncle whom I’m close to, remarked and shared on how he sees people. He said: “if I look at somebody fishy or suspicious, I would not hesitate to cancel his Grab trip”. Back then, uncle was a part time Grab driver. His sentiments resonate with other elderly people I know.

You know what I’m talking about: the generation who mocks other races, religions, cultures and telling you to be aware of certain “kinds” of people.

“Kua Lang” is a defensive mechanism useful during war times when Japanese soldiers would pop your head with a bullet or use the garden hose and fill up your mouth with running water. Those were the days when the skill of Kua Lang came in useful. As we are living in a peaceful situation, we need to learn how to trust others more.

Kua Lang -
Kua Lang –

I have driven over 1500+ trips with an average rating of 4.96 stars out of a max 5 on Grab e-Hailing platform, and I have yet to reject a customer based on Kua Lang. Maybe it is due to my reckless nature that I tend to offer others the benefit of the doubt.

I feel we can all put our guards down and don’t pre-judge people based on how they look or what color their skin tone is. Will we get ourselves in danger? I think the risks are almost similar or close to when we are acting extremely cautious when facing others.

What I’m trying to convey here is, let’s be friendlier to one another and not come to judgement too quickly. Let us give the benefit of the doubt to others, whether in our work, our office or on the streets. #positivity