Anwar Ibrahim – PM10

Yesterday, 24 November 2022, Anwar was sworn into office by the Agong (king of Malaysia) to be the 10th Prime Minister of this beautiful country.

Let’s talk about gay sex.

The term Soto Mie (Indonesian noodles dish) was a popular food in Brunei where I grew up. But wait, Anwar was charged for sodomy in 1998. Oh gosh, I’m that old! I was probably in Secondary 1 when that joke surfaced. Ah, good times.

Singapore recently repealed a law prosecuting gay sex. Marriage between two men and two women is still not recognized under the law. But what you do with your partner in your bedroom is none of the government’s business.

One of the lovely stories to come out of the whole 15th General Election saga is the love shared between Wan Azizah and the Prime Minister, Anwar Ibrahim. Also, Erdogan and Anwar seem to have a very good working relationship. Hopefully, Turkish investors will flock to Malaysia and boost the economy.

The Economy is scheduled for a recession in 2023. That means we will have fewer jobs, more cuts in spending, and a generally tough time for everyone (unless you’re Elon Musk – dude just lost $100 billion ya?).

The first order of business for our new PM is the rising cost of living. I think food subsidies is the way to go. We need cheaper chicken, meat, and vegetables. Notice that during the elections, Anwar handed out Pop Corn from GSC, while the Agong handed out packed food in a box. I still remember in the last election, there were Mega Dinners where people ate for free. In short, food is an important thing for Malaysians. If the price of Char Koay Teow exceeds RM10 a plate, people will protest! (unless you’re the sucker at Sister’s CKT in Lorong Selamat and similar establishments)

Gobind Singh of DAP (a predominantly Chinese political party) brought progress in the area of Broadband infrastructure. I remember we had to pay RM 88 for 0.5mbps DSL lines back then, and today I’m enjoying 300mbps for RM 129. Another politician, Rafizi Ramli, is poised to take the Ministry of Finance portfolio due to his amazing analytical skills. And Anthony Loke, the secretary-general of DAP, can go for the Transport Ministry job, as a group of public transport workers wrote to Anwar (the PM) requesting him to be selected.

When the Parliament reconvenes in December, I hope that Anwar will pass the hurdle of getting the 112 Members of Parliament’s support to strengthen his authority as PM.

Fun facts:

  1. Anwar is the first Prime Minister to come from a multiracial party
  2. This is the first time we are seeing both PM and Spouse as Members of Parliament
  3. He’s good buddies with Erdogan from Turkey
  4. One of the many Prime Ministers to be an alumnus of University Malaya.
  5. May not as be as flamboyant in fashion as Ismail Sabri, but he’s quite cool.
  1. Some influential Twitter users call him the PMX. Guess who has a car with Registration Plates PMX?? 
  2. Born in Bukit Mertajam!

Thanks to my namesake and Data Scientist Philip Khor ( for his input

And thanks to Uglyluhan – you can read his work in my other articles