Chuan Kee Duck Rice, Lunas

When it comes to Lunas duck rice, people often go to Tan Kee. Since rising to fame by defeating its neighbour along the main Lunas road, they have raised their prices and often over-order over-provide us when ordering in groups.

Season Restaurant Lunas
Also a good restaurant – Season Restaurant Lunas – traffic light junction

Over my 8 years in Lunas, we decided to eat at Chuan Kee instead. The have the usual duck meat, roast pork, roast chicken, char siew and pork sausages you might expect. Do order the Chai Boey too. It’s a spicy salty sweet savoury soup.

Chai Buey at Chuan Kee Lunas Duck Rice -
Chai Boey (goes well with duck rice)
the arch leading to Lunas Market. 2 big coffee shops on the right.
Lunas Market arch

They’re open everyday. If not, give me a call and I’ll bring you somewhere else nearby! ๐Ÿ™‚


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