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Gaming PC “Specs Hunter” Configuration

I have a weakness. I love technology and love a well built device. Some may call me an Apple sheep since I use an iPhone 13 Pro, Macbook Pro and Apple TV (ok, I gifted that away).

This week, I received my i5 10400F (6 core) processor, GTX 1650 graphics with 32GB RAM and a 1TB m.2 SSD

This will now allow me to open unlimited Chrome tabs and run Virtualization without stuttering!

When we buy a Mac, we decide what Colour we want it in (Space Gray or Graphite), at most we decide 16GB RAM or 1TB of storage. On a PC, we have so many OEM vendors to choose from, even within Intel they have so many processor products and motherboard combinations to work with.

So I paid CEXEC – Bertam, Kepala Batas (Facebook) to do it for me.

finally my 4K display has something to drive it

They did a good job at a reasonable price.

Looking forward to more gaming days with this PC. I will still love my 4 year old Mac, for YouTube mostly. But this PC will be my daily driver.

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