ikea batu kawan

Looking Forward post-MCO

2019 wasn’t a good of a year for me. Stuck twice in hospital due to my illness, having to go through surgery in October 2019 meant that my focus and memory power deteriorated.

Early 2020 came and went. I did not do much other than travel to Singapore for CNY. I left Dell in February on good terms but that meant I was not being paid during the Movement Control Order (MCO) in Malaysia in the subsequent months. Looks like easy money escaped my clutches!

The places I like to go after the partial lockdown in Malaysia is lifted is definitely to the Ikea meatballs. I would also like some good steak and fish n chips. Mc Donald’s seem delicious now, after this 42 day lockdown.

Spotify was rarely used as I usually stream in the car on the road. Petrol prices dropped dramatically to RM 1.25/litre. My daily routine involves waking up at 1:00pm exactly for lunch. Dad would prepare a simple meal usually vegetables and fish. On the odd day my aunt next door would bring us a curry to share. Then the 5pm broadcast where our favourite DG Hisham would bring us the numbers. I know death and infected numbers isn’t exactly something we should look forward to, but for me and my dad, it would mean Jacob Crackers and coffee as we listen to the TV broadcast.

Dinner is usually reheated food from lunchtime. Taking the effort to cook takes a huge effort, so we usually skimp dinner. Oh, as for breakfast, I skip that too (which might explain my 5kg weight loss to 105kg).

I like driving. And so in the absence of a job, I would drive Grab. I see different people, young and old, local and foreign workers, business people shuttling them from hotels to airport, tourists. It is a fun experience. Maybe working Grab will allow me free time to spend with dad. Got to have more discipline in terms of time, money control, and exercising!

Shoutout to Garu and our thrice weekly updates via WhatsApp video call!

Shoutout to those who said “Yes” to that Johor roadtrip plan

Shoutout to Kingdomcity Penang for the online “connect groups” and church services