digi broadband at kampung tun sardon

My Home Network

I’ll provide a brief intro to my home network:

The internet is provided by Digi Infinite 150 plan. That means I get 60 mbps down and 10 mbps up – not bad for 4G unlimited plan 10km from Bukit Mertajam (major town). Definitely good enough for some 4K / HD video streaming and heavy uploading of Youtube videos.

Home network TP Link Huawei
Core home network Huawei

The highest end network device at home, can broadcast 2 x 2.4GHz signals and 2 x 5GHz signals. Just for fun, I have 3 SSIDs broadcasting. Carnival is a 2.4GHz network for old devices and old daddy’s phone.

The Pipe is also a 2.4 GHz network but it contains 2 routers to broadcast to two different areas of my house (It’s not that big, but Wifi is a big issue for me!). Essentially they are range extenders.

Range extender 1 (Sunie)
Range extender 1 (Sunie)

Sunie is located 20 metres away spreading the love to 5-6 clients on a busy day. Free Internet is located in the TV area (plugged in the Ethernet LAN to the Android box) in bridged mode.

Since Carnival and The Pipe is running on the same physical Huawei B618s-22d, it shouldn’t matter. But I have a feeling that the Wifi beams and be focused on the range extender (Sunie + Free Internet).

DD-WRT hackers paradise router servicing (Free Internet)

Free internet is setup just to extend free wifi to the adjacent side of the house. Share the wealth and happiness!

DD-WRT sees things differently

I repurposed an old router lying around with DD-WRT. Next step is to figure out a cheap solution to monitor and control bandwidth usage. IP range .180 – .200 are assigned by Huawei while anything 200+ is assigned by Sunie. Not sure what IPs are assigned by the DD-WRT (Free Internet) access point. Will have to work it out over the next few days.


DIGI broadband >> Huawei B618s (RM 160/mth)

DIGI broadband >> Huawei B618s (The Pipe gateway) >> TP Link (Sunie) >> 3-4 clients

DIGI broadband >> Huawei B618s (The Pipe gateway) >> Free Internet >> Open to all + IPTV Android box

DIGI broadband >> Huawei B618s (5GHz) >> To Philip’s devices (MBP + P20 phone)

DIGI broadband >> Huawei B618s (2.4GHz) >> Dad’s old phone

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