Three Reasons to hang out at a Cafe

First thoughts: overpriced coffee place serving Avocado toast for the millennials. But hey, let me suggest why I think the RM15 (USD 3.75) syrup-water coffee “experience” is so damn good.

  1. Houses are too expensive. Therefore, spend that deposit money on expensive coffee that will make us happy.
  2. The Economy wasn’t what it used to be. TL;DR – wage stagnation and increased living costs means a shift on how we spend that paycheck.
  3. Coffee buying “experience”, familiarity, and personal rewards shows that the experience is more important than coffee quality. They do a good job making customers feel good – from the decor, the sofa, the “working tables” to the customer base, I think they’re doing a fantastic job worth the extra few dollars. If in doubt, see reasons 1 & 2.

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