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Marketing Approach differences

This article compares how Huawei and Apple markets their phones. I’ll take the P20 page and the latest iPhone page as an example.

Headline (Huawei)

HUAWEI’s P series has always been a pioneer of smartphone photography. Now the HUAWEI P20 Pro is once again leading the way with the revolutionary Leica Triple Camera, where aesthetic vision meets an advanced camera system that shines a light on intelligent photography.

Headline (Apple)

iPhone XR and iPhone XS – which one is right for you? The longest battery life ever in an iPhone (From RM 3,599 SRP)

Right off the bat, Huawei works harder to sell the phone. It could be Huawei has a wider range of new product lines (Mate, Mate X, P30, Nova, etc) so they need to differentiate between them.

The next 3 things they advertise (briefly) is on:

Next 3 (Huawei)

Body and color, Screen technology, Branding (Leica camera)

Next 3 (Apple)

Size (XS or XR), Compare your current iPhone, App Store

Huawei focuses on its gimmicky color scheme, the gradient finish with a luminescent color progression. Apple has less headache for the consumer – do you want the big one or the smaller one?

Android fans usually pay more attention to specs, like 6GB RAM or 256 GB Storage. They know a cheap Android experience and a bad experience because they probably experienced something slower and less “fun” to deal with.

Because of the Apple premium, you just need to know how fast this new iPhone you’re planning to buy, compares to your old one! We know Apple slows down your old iPhones (officially: preserve battery life) to heckle you to upgrade! And this breakdown makes the decision process much simplified than any other specs sheet you’ll ever see.

I love Apple’s simplistic explanation – most buyers are non-techie

In conclusion, due to the different products that Huawei sells, focusing on one specific area / appeal, they are forced to highlight with paragraphs of information on their photography prowess. Truthfully, the battery and fast charging is a bigger hit for me. At 20W, that’s much faster than iPhone’s default 5W speed of charging.

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