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2020 Survey: Do you want Pip’s Podcast?

I’m doing a survey on whether you like to watch Pip’s Podcast. If you do, give me an encouraging LIKE or HEART and I’ll get on to work! https://www.linkedin.com/posts/philipkhor_survey-do-you-want-to-watch-a-pips-podcast-activity-6632193997521682432-kNXg https://web.facebook.com/philipkhor

philip khor seed plant

Which seed should I plant?

Content so far: Bitrates required for common applications [Video] iBoiteX Android TV Box Review [Video] You can see this on APPLE TV Chuan Kee Duck Rice, Lunas [Video] Android Box review A95X on HaoHD Visiting Ipoh Kampung Tun Sardon, Bukit Mertajam Introduction to Pip’s Videos Technology Introduction: Scope Introduction: Where am I? I blog Technology, …

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Introduction: Where am I?

Dear Visitors, You have landed at Lot 853 Kg Tun Sardon, 14400 Bukit Mertajam, Penang. Actually when sending postcards and packages to me, just waze / googlemaps: philipkhor.com Next 3 photos show where I am relative to the world. Follow up article: