Luck plays an important role

Casino chipLuck is an important factor on the outcome of things. You may have grit, determination and most of all “hard work”, but at the end of the day, if the stars are not aligned, then you are lucked out.
Organised religion will point to the heavens and divine powers as the source of good fortune.
Here’s what two contrasting views say:
>> “I was lucky,” he says repeatedly. Peanut Seller becoming billionaire in Hong Kong
>> More than you’re willing to admit: luck has a lot to do with success
>> Creating your own luck? The hardwork approach.
If there was a weightage on how much I depend on luck, I’d summarise it as “life is 80% luck 20% hardwork”.
#disclaimer: If you didn’t already know, the internet is a great resource to find articles that confirm your beliefs.

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