Report from Philip Khor – Worship Department

This year, we purchased new amplifiers (sound system) to replace our ageing ones. The old units have been given away to be recycled and to bless Bro. Steven Chow’s ministry.

Looking forward, we plan to maintain and fix the equipment which needs replacing; some of which are over 10 years old.

Sunday Worship would not be complete without the volunteers who dedicate their time and effort tirelessly. We appreciate the leadership of Pastor Jack and his worship team for blessing our service with great songs of praise and worship unto the Lord. May I encourage the congregation to sing unto the Lord a new song (Psalm 33:3) and to worship with all our heart.

I would like to acknowledge the musicians, singers, sound managers, and the LCD operator who help out in one way or another. If you’re a regular worshipper, may I encourage each of you to use whatever gift you have received to serve others, as faithful stewards of God’s grace. (1 Peter 4:10)


Went for IP Man 3, beef noodles and leng Chee Kang, Raja Uda Char Koay Teow and lots of giggles.



Here’s some pictures which sums up 2015 for me.

badminton gang

I played the most badminton in all my working years – once with Stanley’s gang and another with Melvin’s group.

annual dinner

Annual Dinner at E&O Hotel

biow huei at planetshakers

Planet Shakers Awakening 2015 with Biow Huei

joshua and grace wong

Grace and Joshua

two philip khor

Two Philip Khors. The other dude is studying Economics in Wollongong and I met him at his University there.

spraying the garden

Jervin playing with water

mr patrick ho

Patrick playing bored games in Subang

angus at melbourne

Angus burger in Melbourne

chew jetty penang

Morning cycling in Georgetown

ramadan food bazaar

Ramadan Food Bazaar near office

Paperplane Pursuit live in Penang on New Year’s Eve



The first four entries were under 100K of data. Each “spurt” cost RM 1.46 whereas I didn’t do anything meaningful during those sessions.

The last entry of almost 500K was RM 7. This goes to show how we should ALWAYS turn off Roaming.


My 2015 highlight would be the Planetshakers Awakening conference in Melbourne. I was shy to lift the camera up so you can only see body parts.

The lively atmosphere was really refreshing. Call it euphoria, or the presence of God, or whatever… Each and every conference promises to be “an encounter with God”. I brought a non religious friend to the last one, he liked the music and organization of the whole party. Next January, I’ll be going with a colleague while Biow Huei will bring a friend too. Here’s some better footage, of the same conference that I was at!

Nobody like you


Lets go!