Melaka in June 2016

Had a good time really discovering and exploring Melaka city 🙂

Taught Biow Huei video editing 

Rainbow over Sikh temple

One of the many churches

Take me to church 

The red church 

Penang International Airport (PEN)

Pigeons in the morning

Grab CS vs Uber CS

For this test, Uber wins hands down. Here’s some background:

Grab is offering 6 rides of RM 5 each as discount for registering a Visa credit card to their platform. Easy, right? Unfortunately, I have been flagged as gaming the system for unknown reasons. My rider account has been banned and the support team does not have a clue. I am accused of “playing beep” by beeping my “friend” and giving them the RM 5 job for a fake trip. How do they determine whether a trip is 1) Fake 2) my Friend 3) Not completed successfully, that, I don’t know. I was accused of going from Point A to point C via Point B using two separate RM 5 trips. If you can’t imagine this, then here’s a visual:

Point A —– (5km, RM 5) —> Point B —– (3 km, RM 5) Point C

Same driver took me from Points A to C.

Hence, I’m banned! Anyway, Customer Service for Grab didn’t have a clue, and their gaming and fraud detection team gave pretty bad remarks, and pretty bad analysis of the situation.

Here are the startling difference.


Grab Car Penang Bad Service

Grab Car Penang Bad Service


Yong Ching (Penang Operations) – 012 766 9779


Uber KL / Penang / Malaysia good service


Uber Malaysia Good Service

Uber Malaysia Good Service

Screen Shot 2016-06-10 at 11.14.34 PM

Screen Shot 2016-06-10 at 11.15.05 PM


Let the pictures and screenshots do the talking.

Optimistically Cheerful Enterprise

Optimistically Cheerful Enterprise

Business Plan
Prepared by: Philip Khor
Date: 09 June 2016

Video blog link here
What is GrabCar?

Grab is a ride sharing program similar to Uber. Grab is a Malaysian owned company with operations starting in Penang in May 2016. Drivers apply through official channels, get screened and undergo training before being issued a login which allows them to make their vehicles available to the general public. As a rider, a mobile application will show which cars are available at which locations. The user then decides a pick up and drop off point, and the system calculates the sum of money that he needs to pay for the ride. The nearest driver to the passenger will get the job, and the transaction is complete when the trip ends. A commission is deducted from a special Cash Account which must be topped up to ensure a commission can be collected by Grab staff. As a driver, he collects either cash or, if a Promo code is entered by the Rider, or GrabPay (credit card payment service) is used, no money exchanges hands.

What is the plan?

We plan to purchase 5 units of Proton Saga (2-4 years old, good condition) for use by 8 hired drivers who will be paid RM 120 per day to drive for the company. All proceeds of the fares goes to the company. Maintenance will be handled by the company and all costs associated with the running of the business will be borne by the company.

Profit margins and projections

Optimistically Cheerful Enterprise

Optimistically Cheerful Enterprise



8 drivers are needed to work 6 day weeks.

Each stint is 12 hour (strategic hours, eg. peak periods in the morning, after work, after dinner, early A.M., airport peak periods)

A rest day is given after 3 days work to ensure work life balance


Worker 1 : MON, TUE, WED, FRI, SAT, SUN
Worker 2: TUE, WED, THU, SAT, SUN

(rotate between the two schedules)

Projected Monthly Outcomes?

Screen Shot 2016-06-10 at 8.19.59 AM

Car loan?

Amount = RM 100,000 loan to be paid over 3 years

Each month instalment = ~ RM 3,500

Net profit = ~ RM 13,180 / month


Yes, the fares are seasonal and depend on whether Grab is having marketing promotions which will drive demand. These estimates are conservative estimates which could do better in many months, with a dip in performance for 2-3 months of a year.

Has this been done?

Yes, in Kuala Lumpur there are many syndicates who take loans from banks where the monthly cash flow will finance the car loans. The bank can take the car at any time if there is a failure to repay the loan amount.

Director’s profile
Name: Philip Khor Hock Khoon
Tel: 016-9465088

Born in Penang on 21 Oct 1986, Philip has industry experience in the technology space – from video editing (2010), Bank Operations (2011-12), Marketing (2013), IT Support (2013-14) and Business Support (2014-present).

Download plan: Business plan

Facebook Spies on you (True Story)

A close friend recently revealed what she found out. Apparently, if you speak into your iPhone / smartphone speaker while using Facebook, they are listening. The speaker/microphone is active and they are recording what you say. They analyse and use speech recognition programs to spy on you. Now, what do they do with that data? They sell you ads, targeted ads!

facebook spies on you

facebook spies on you

At first I don’t believe it. I mean, it sure is technologically possible. But how unethical can Facebook be? I don’t believe they have the time and resources and guts to do it. No way!

My friend was mentioning a dish washing liquid to another friend. Keep in mind, she did not use her credit card, did not use social media to talk about the dish washing liquid, nor gave Facebook any hints. The only thing my friend did was to perhaps, talk about the dish washing liquid while using Facebook on her phone. Moments later (few hours), the ads start appearing. Not just random viagra, enhancement(!) ads, but the same brand of dish washing liquid! ADS started to target her, in websites and on Facebook.

My personal experience.

Yesterday I went to an optical shop to get my glasses done. Remember, I didn’t Facebook the experience or check-in to any store. After 4 hours, THE AD ABOVE APPEARED ON MY FACEBOOK.

I thought about it, and another technological possibility is that Facebook uses your WiFi location settings. Did you know that iPhones / Androids upload the location data based on available WiFi stations? So if Optician Wifi, Starbucks Wifi is detected on your phone, the unique ID of the base station / router is sent to Apple central servers. Basically if you hit one of those WiFi unique IDs, then they know exactly where you are. If you are at Starbucks, they exactly know where you are right to 3 meters accuracy. That’s called WiFi assisted location. Scary, right? That could possibly be how they found out that I was idle for 45 minutes in one location (optical shop).

Now, we can say coincidence. But I now believe, that Facebook is watching. Facebook is listening. Every. Single. Time.

Grab is in Penang, Malaysia!

Grab, a competitor to Uber (a ride sharing service) is now in Penang. Join the service by clicking here for a free RM10 ride.
Grab is different from Uber that fares are known before boarding the car. It is fixed fare so you can be sure of no bill shocks! You may pay by cash or credit card.

Call me if you need help: Philip +60 17 591 4776