Thoughts on Animals

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Over lunch, we went to the pet shop and adored the overpriced pets locked up in tiny cages. A puppy from China was about to be sold for a nice RM2,500 (US$600). Think it was a Chow Chow.

The other funny incident was that we saw a dog and wondered if it was a male or female. We later learnt that it was castrated, and had his balls removed. It’s a good thing, really. Otherwise dog shelters will be overflowing with strays.

I asked: Why love dogs, when so many of our own human species are suffering (no food, shelter, love?). My Pet loving colleague replied: “All species are equally important in this universe.” I guess then we should focus on “species” which wouldn’t bark back when you vent your anger and frustrations at it, and one which responds to your smiles and showers of affection! Dogs comfort humans, I get it.

My problem with owning one, is the heavy responsibility and commitment required. If you go a for a holiday or a long weekend, someone needs to care for it. It ties you down and if you don’t have time, the pet can get depressed. Getting locked in the cage isn’t a good feeling, and can lead to aggressive behavior.

If I were to get one, I would have to be married first. Raising a pet alone would be difficult, so having someone to share the burden: yep, golden. I was at a pet adoption fair this year and they say that dogs can overpopulate faster than cats. It was important to remove his balls (so to speak). All I can think of when it comes to pets: “ARGH… more responsibilities! Must not commit. Must learn to say NO!”.

Raising them ain’t cheap. There’s vet fees, food, extra cleaning you have to do, grooming(?). But if you haven’t got a real baby yet, it’s a good training ground, I suppose.


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Brief November update 

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Bow Tie and Suspenders

For the annual dinner, I figure I’ll wear suspenders with plan t-shirt. Went online to find a store, and settled for Queensbay’s Tie Shop. Bought it for RM 55. Now Lazada is taunting me with targeted ads.bowtie

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Rant on Timeliness

Was messaging a colleague about lunch:

11:48 am: Let’s go lunch!

11:49 am: Sure, at 12!

11:49 am: Cya at 12!

12:01 pm: Ok I’m leaving now.

12:02 pm: Ok, sure!

12:03 pm: I’m leaving now.

I think the reason behind this constant exchange is the fact that we don’t want to wait. When technology was not so prevalent, we just said a time and place and we are there. No confirmation needed. Sure, this exchange builds relationships and creates small talk. But I feel when we say and promise a time to meet, we should honour it as often as we can. It’s hard when we are travelling from different places to meet somewhere, and there can be unforseen circumstances.

I think our observation of time, and our punctuality can be improved. Don’t over-promise and overcommit. If we are running late, reflect and ponder why this happens, and build in the buffer for your next engagements.

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Garden by the Bay, Singapore

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Philip is an ENFP

out of the 16 types, I am this:

Via Thought Catalog

Really interesting read… And surprisingly accurate.

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