What an eventful day it was! Internet routers crashed, half day unproductive with so much to do (for once)… Tomorrow is a new day; second half 2015! I like to spend the extra second in our clocks today to thank Chris Chen for the thoughtful card. Take care, bye bye, good night! (r) since HSBC 2011


After a long wait, it is finally here. Review link.

The display is a little dim, but it gets better once you go outdoors because it reflects the sunlight. It serves as a notifications augmenter so I don’t have to pull out the phone everytime I ‘ding’ comes in. It works as advertised, and it costs US$200 and comes with a 7 day battery life. For comparison, the Apple watch with a one day battery life cost US$349.


I just met a few JW tonight! They were nice people :-)



Tomorrow, we are having potluck and I’m cooking sambal petai (stinky beans) with prawns. Nice and spicy and a burst of flavours in the mouth. Here is a list of Chinese soups I am privileged to have enjoyed throughout my childhood growing up.


1. Peanuts with Lotus Root

2. See Chuan Vegetables soup

3. Asam Pedas with Kembong Fish

4. Spinach soup

5. Various leafy vegetables soup cooked with chicken and pork bones.

6. Cabbage soup with prawns

7. Various herbal soups from chinese medicinal shops

8. Bak Kut Teh

9. Wintermelon soup over pork ribs

10. ABC Carrot Potato soup

Yummy! Looking for the time when I can muster up the energy and enthusiasm to start boiling soup again! Some warmth and comfort like a good hug =) – Quote by Jervin Wong

Edit: here it is!



this place is stuck in the past- as it was 50+ years ago!

Narrow one way lanes

Had some refreshing Dim Sum