It’s mid May now and I’ve yet to write anything meaningful on Social Media.

It is a far cry from the good old enthusiastic days where I push 20-30 posts per month. Being cautious makes jack a dull boy. Looking forward, there’s the Penang governor’s birthday on Saturday the 6th of June. I hope to take a weekend off visiting Melaka.

There are some changes at work, so I’m waiting for things to sort out to give more clarity on the situation. We just have to wait, hope and pray for the best. The struggles of a startup – are many. On the brighter side, I have been eating a lot. Is it called binge eating, where one eats uncontrollably? The only flip side to this ordeal is that I play badminton once a week. I still have the killer touch, but the reluctance and resistance of my feet to move, makes playing a bigger challenge.

I seem to have minor hearing loss. I can’t hear it when people whisper, it’s all mumbled up to me. They say that blurred vision and hearing loss will lead to one going frustrated and agitated. Maybe I should get it checked.

I got stuck in a Penang bridge jam at 7pm after work. It was terrible, and I got home close to 10 pm. It was raining and there were 2 separate accidents. The next day, I struck Toto! The morning jam extended to Seberang Jaya hospital and it was painful. I took the ferry and yet again, it was a 3 hour commute. Luckily, bad days like these come quite rarely maybe 2-3 times a year.

Ok, back to work. Mail me at

Hacking the Yes4G signal


I am in a dilemma. There is no cheap wireless Internet and I’m signed 2 years to Yes 4G. The signal in my area is weak.

Can I hook an Astro dish (receiving signal at around 10.8 Ghz) and cello-tape my Yes 4G modem operating at 2.5 Ghz to the dish? I know different parabola shapes would be effective for different frequency. Any Einstein wanna enlighten me on how this might or might not work? The idea is similar to the Cantenna wifi hack.

Melbourne Hokkien Mee

I went to food stories chinese kitchen (chikety china the Chinese chicken!) and I took a gamble with their “hokkien noodle”.

We know the famous Penang soup based hokkien noodles, the Damansara uptown dry / black Hokkien noodles.

 This one in Melbourne was a bit different: in short Beef chunks in Bovril with Taugeh (been spouts) and cucumber!

My tastebuds are still ringing with the Bovril!

  melbourne hokkien mee 

Onward to Sydney.

#psawakening #planetshakers conference was awesome but I need to hear the recordings again because I was in awe throughout the sessions. Huge stage sounds and crowd.

[edit] in Sydney now. My dad is such Man United supporter than he avoided walking on Liverpool St and take the longer path here back to the hotel!

Letter to my shareholders

Over the Chinese New Year periods and the weeks thereafter, life has been serene. Work life has been routinely rhythmic like the thrum of the washing machine spinning. Age is catching up, and the expectations of what I should be and what I actually am made me realize I need to buck up.

Trying to find a balance between happiness, contentment and stratospheric ambitions is tough. On one hand, I need to be realistic, and on the other, there’s a pull (or push) towards the need for greater things in my life. Is Malaysia my home? Is there a future in this myopic dysfunctional place? I think so, I really do.

By the grace of the most high, I have survived through turmoils, trials and tribulations. The only constant in life, is change. It is by our response to these challenges that determine our worth. In KYC terms, I’m a Senior Management Official (SMO) with 10% voting rights on matters pertaining to BMBC (my hometown church in Penang). In reality, I will find out what I am actually here for during the Committee Meeting this coming Sunday.

I love volunteerism. But I never put in the effort to find a worthy cause and follow through with helping out with something meaningful. I do it on a micro-scale. Through my interactions with the clowns around me at work and through fellowships and meeting of the minds at other times, I feel that I have made a ‘dink’ in this world. There are 7,000,000,000 of us. On the whole, when we float in outer space looking back at the earth from the moon, we realize how insignificant our worries and troubles are.

I’ll let you into a secret. Wanna dig my past history? I maintain (keep going) an old blog with writings from as old as 2004 (a decade ago) at

For example, this Facebook lookalike was my idea back in July 2004 to create a community of bloggers who keep in touch with one another. In computing class, we know what a one-to-one relationship is. It’s the foundation of SMS where communication takes place between one person speaking to one audience. E-mail became one-to-many. Facebook and what social media aims to do is to bring together many-to-many communication giving birth to the word, collaboration.

As for pictures, many weird photos still exist at Picasaweb. I like google, it has been there, it is there, and it will be there for a long time to come.

What has fascinated me the most in technology is the ability to track stars in the night sky. With augmented reality, we can direct our phone over the skies and know the names of individual clusters of stars lighting our skies. Suddenly we are not so lonely anymore!

From which industry is the next millionaire coming from? Healthcare? Apps for smartphones? Solving problems you never knew existed in ways in which you don’t know how? Wouldn’t it be nice to be the next big innovator.

Take instagram, for example. A simple app for Android, iOS and all it does is to capture photos in a square format, display it in a timeline with basic editing functions that anyone can apply. Sold to Facebook for USD 1,000,000,000. How about Waze, a social GPS warning you of traffic cops. The maps are not made by the company, rather it aggregates the submissions from its users (crowd-sourcing). Yupp, sold to Google for USD 1,000,000,000.

Maybe I should pack my bags and migrate to Silicon Valley 2.0 (which is spread out throughout the United States, rather than focused in California). I mean, by meeting like-minded visionaries will I then succeed, no?

But the thought of leaving my 70 year old father, who probably has a few years left in him is tough. What use is all the money when you can’t use it to bring someone back to life in the future?

(turn up the bass for this one…)

Ok: Read Warren Buffett’s letter to shareholders here.