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Maxis Celcom test: Pip’s Podcast May 2016

 Singtel did an awesome test with the question: can your network replace your eyes. Here’s my take! Song: Wanted Symphony – In The Eyes Of The World


Google: Uber Penang

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We got Hsieh Ying and grace, now we are missing a Worldcheck representative! Haha..


Brought a Malacca friend around the island last weekendbiow huei at a cafe in KSD

biow huei at komtar

biow huei at starbucks


The award-winning Org ID KYC (Know Your Customer) managed service and customer onboarding solution reaches a series of significant milestones this month, driven by the growing need for financial firms to meet the demands of regulators, governments and society about their customers and their links to other concerns.

As well as more than 25,000 KYC entity profile reports published to customers, an additional 100,000 profiles have been added from Lipper, the pre-eminent provider of independent research, global collective investment content and evaluation tools for investment products. All profiles and related parties are fully verified and screened, with continuous monitoring and dynamic refresh available to customers as part of the end-to-end Org ID solution.

The financial services industry has bestowed accolades upon Thomson Reuters Org ID; it recently received the Data Management Review Award 2015 for “Best KYC & Client On-Boarding Solution” – the second straight year Org ID has earned this recognition. In October, Org ID also won the “Best Managed/Support Service Provider of the Year” at the Operational Risk & Regulation Awards 2015 ceremony in New York.  Earlier last year, peers voting for the 2015 FTF News Technology Innovation Awards selected Org ID to receive two FTF Excellence Awards — in the categories of ‘Best Operational Risk Management Solution’ and ‘Best AML/Anti-Fraud Solution’.

For more information about Thomson Reuters Org ID, go to: