Mid July 2024 reflections

Reasons to be Grateful

I count my blessings every day: a roof that shelters me from rain and sun, a soft pillow and warm bed that embrace me each night, nourishing food that sustains my body, and a reliable car that takes me where I need to go. These comforts are not merely luxuries but gifts made possible by the hard work of my dad, for which I am truly grateful.

Moreover, I am thankful to live in a time of peace, where there is no war disrupting lives, no widespread famine causing suffering, and where the scourge of racism, though occasionally encountered in jest, does not dictate lives. And let’s not forget the marvel that is good internet—300mbps fiber at home and blazing fast 500mbps 5G on the go. Such connectivity enriches my life in ways unimaginable.

With one pair of eyes and a single body, I am blessed with three internet-capable devices—my trusted Windows PC for unleashing raw creativity, a Mac that fuels my artistic endeavors, and the mobility of an iPhone 13 Pro, always at hand in Pacific Blue 256GB glory. These tools allow me to express myself freely, whether through vlogs that resonate with 300 viewers per video or through social media posts that garner appreciative likes, each one a validation of connection and shared enjoyment.

Reflecting on recent moments, I treasure the diverse friendships that enrich my days—a medical doctor who makes music, a namesake friend Philip Khor, a companion of two decades, Ruth Tan, and the laughter shared with Melvin and Zoey from the comedy scene, among others. To all those unnamed but always remembered, you are cherished in my thoughts.

In closing, I offer a heartfelt poem:

“My time on earth has a finite length
My thoughts are full and mind is blank
Though my focus and memory may fail me
I will cherish you, my friend, hee hee.”

With gratitude and warmth, I thank you all for being part of my journey. Here’s to a fulfilling July 2024 and beyond!