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What have I been up to? #2021

COVID-19 has been tough on the economy, and for the jobless situation that I am in. Thankfully, my dad came to my rescue (financially) and great friends pulled me through these difficult times. I guess a lot of Malaysians felt and undergone the same dilemma in 2020 where we are stretched financially and drained emotionally. […]

Looking Forward post-MCO

ikea batu kawan

2019 wasn’t a good of a year for me. Stuck twice in hospital due to my illness, having to go through surgery in October 2019 meant that my focus and memory power deteriorated. Early 2020 came and went. I did not do much other than travel to Singapore for CNY. I left Dell in February […]

Child Parenting Tip: Don’t PEAK

child peak performance

Don’t peak too early. Pushing your kids too young too early will cause burnout (what happened to Philip Khor?) so let them be. Give them space and learn at their own pace. Pick private schools that have this ideology and vision and forward-thinking mindset where each individual peaks differently and at a different pace.